Sunday, 24 February 2008

Ella organises barbeque gathering over CNY, turns into high-school student to tease S.H.

▲Hebe and Selina were tickled upon seeing Ella and her family's getup during the barbeque gathering.
The fun-loving Ella has to have a barbeque gathering every CNY, this year her good sisters Selina and Hebe reported to her house as of old. Lin You Jia who lives in Pintung, Jeff Chang and Kang Kang also attended. Ella who loves to dress up, transformed into a Japanese gangster high-school student to welcome the guests.
As last year's barbeque gathering saw more than 100 guests squeezing in, some of whom Ella didn't even know, the event became more low-key this year, but still more than 50 people came. To satisfy 50 appetites, she bought two car-loads of meat and other ingredients from the market and spent $14,000. Ella's mom even spent $30,000 to prepare various dishes and three large pots of soup, even though the guests were well satisfied, she said jokingly, "Can we not have anymore of such labour-intensive, resources-squandering gatherings?"Gambling is a must during the new year, in hopes of being lucky this year, Ella wore red underwear from her first day at home, red underwear plus bright red lipstick, really equated to winnings, and Hebe who suffered great losses last year, won more than $2000 for the first time playing mahjong at Ella's house, making her overjoyed.

Friday, 15 February 2008


Thursday, 14 February 2008

S.H.E dress up as maids , face frozen but still cute

S.H.E engaging in cosplay, following the Japanese maid craze? Recently filming a commercial in Beijing, the three dressed up as maids, their faces were obviously stiff with the cold, but they still played cute, even the most 'man' Ella had a head of curls, actually coming in tops in terms of prettiness.S.H.E signed a contract with a famous contact lens brand in China, recently went to China for still shoots and to film a TV commercial, however just happened that the weather was wintry cold, all their costumes consisted of short sleeves and short skirts, the normally active trio were so cold that they either hid in the heated resting area, eating snacks to keep warm, or were huddled around the few small heaters.To keep with the commercial, S.H.E were changing in and out of outfits nonstop, the funniest costume was the maid outfit, the three for the first time were transformed into pretty little maids, turning into "Marias", holding brand new cleaning props and pretending to be the real deal. Ella was in long sleeves, already causing Selina and Hebe to complain of unfair treatment, she even made her hair into little curls, causing her cuteness factor to skyrocket, the most 'man' one actually becoming the prettiest maid.However the weather was much too cold, S.H.E tried all means to keep warm, even wearing tights under their miniskirts, but afraid this would be revealed, they had to keep on rolling them up. S.H.E laughed and said, "We are fashionable maids, under our work uniforms, we have inner trousers with bling bling on it!" The maid costumes were so cute that S.H.E were tempted to bring it back to Taipei, perhaps they could be of use during future costume parties.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

S.H.E donates $300 000 at HIM year end party

HIM, having successfully created the Xing Guang legend and having pushed S.H.E as the top singers of the year with $3.14 billion earnings in 2007, held its year-end dinner at the conference room on the 5th floor of Taipei 101. To go with the "All walks of life" dress code, all the singers under the HIM stable exercised their creative cells to dress up for the event. Once again, S.H.E stole the show: Ella appeared in a figure-hugging yoga outfit as a yoga instructor while Hebe played Spiderman, leading her to complain: They don't even let people dress up nicely to have a meal." Selina was late as she was recording a programme; together the three very generously donated $300,000.HIM's year-end dinner last night had more than 10 tables and cost $500,000 to organise. Top stars S.H.E originally intended to donate $80,000 each, hoping that in the new year, HIM would continue to "prosper, prosper, prosper", however upon reaching the venue they increased their amount to $100,000 each. FRH's Wu Zun and Jiro were busy filming, sending Aaron and Calvin as representatives, the four together donated $80,000. With albums selling like hotcakes the moment they entered the scene, XGB's largest amount was Lin You Jia's $30,000.
Hebe had originally wanted to go as a Rocker musician, but was afraid of being spurned by others, so had to take out her "secret weapon" Spiderman costume. She lamented: Aiyoh, having worked hard for one year, for the year-end dinner they don't even let us dress up nicely to have a meal. Ella's outfit was equally outrageous. Her sister is a yoga instructor, so Ella wore a figure-hugging leotard yoga outfit to attend the dinner, evoking laughter all around. XGB's boys, with the exception of Lin You Jia as a doctor, Zhou Ding Wei appeared as a Marine, the rest appeared in various strong men roles.As for Power Station, although they had not released an album in 3 years, the two still appeared in 50 corporate events n China last year. With earnings of US$30,000 for each event (about NT$970,000), their earnings also reached $50 million. Tank who appeared as a water-electrical utilities workman was HIM's most talented young composer, sales from his two albums had exceeded quite a few Heavenly Kings and Queens, and he was also a regular guest at school concerts and corporate events