Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ella Encounters Hovering Shadow Prays for Guan Yu’s Divine Protection, Wednesday July 30 , 2008 Taiwan

[2008.07.30] Ella Encounters Hovering Shadow Prays for Guan Yu’s Divine ProtectionHell’s Gate will not open until day after tomorrow but Ella had already experienced a ghostly encounter! In the beginning of the month, she was in the recording studio recording for the new album. At the time there were only her and the recording engineer but she saw a black shadow hovered fleetingly in front of her eyes. She was so scared that she mumbled to herself: [I will be good, I will be serious in the singing.] Earlier, S.H.E who always encountered strange events during Hell Month, had already went to Xingtian temple to worship and perform the soul-recalling ritual and pray for peace and good fortune during this year’s Hell Month.Selina Had Strange DreamIn the last few years, Ella had twice encountered misfortune on the day the Hell’s Gate opened, including the spinal injury from jumping out a building while on location shooting a segment for [Happy Sunday] 5 years ago and having to cancel her work due to the stomach flu the year before last. Because of this, last year HIM simply let the trio have a three-day [Hell Month vacation]. But this year, they will be working away from Taiwan, so they made a special trip to the temple to pray for safety. However, other than Ella’s scary encounter of the black shadow, Selina also had a strange dream. In the dream, she was kissing her sister but her sister’s body was floating in mid-air.The day when S.H.E went to worship coincided with the festivities of Xingtian Temple welcoming the divine birthday of Guan Yu, God of Chivalry. The mischievous Ella even spoke some congratulatory words to Guan Yu: [I just finished watching {Red Cliff}, you (Guan Yu) are very handsome in the movie!]

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ella does sexy dance on her birthday party, Tuesday July 1 ,2008 Taiwan

[2008.07.01] Ella Does Sexy Dance On Her Birthday PartyEvery year, Selina of S.H.E would throw a theme party for her birthday. Originally Ella was also planning to throw a “Hotel” themed birthday party but after consideration, she decided to do it on a more low-key scale instead.To prove that she has what it takes to be startlingly sexy herself, Ella dressed up meticulously that evening. Wearing a little black dress, carrying a red LV Epi Speedy bag and with a pair of 7-8cm high heels on her feet, she emanated the sense of a lightly mature lady from head to foot, a far cry from the androgynous way that she normally looked.Party Losing Control with Sexy DancingAt eight o’clock in the evening of June 17th, [Time Weekly] witnessed S.H.E with their friends and relatives appearing at the Wen Cheng Thai Restaurant located at Fu Sheng North Road to celebrate Ella’s birthday one day ahead. Perhaps because they are old customers, the restaurant was especially protective of Ella’s privacy. They pulled down window blinds and turned away other customers. However, the birthday girl, Ella, seemed to be in a very good mood. Even though reporters arrived, she was still smiling widely with a friendly attitude and even generously told her assistant to bring out pieces of cake for the reporters.With the presence of the three gregarious and active little girls of S.H.E, this birthday party which was supposed to emphasize warmth (of family and friendship) started to lose control soon after and became very crazy. When the music came on, everyone pressed for Ella to do a sexy dance but Ella refused to do it alone and dragged Hebe and Selina to the stage to perform together. Later, one of Ella’s friends who is a violin teacher went on stage to perform a violin duet. She (Ella) was so high with excitement that she jumped on stage and played along; it was just that the sound that came out from her playing the violin sounded like pigs being killed and made everyone fell off their chairs laughing.Because of Ella’s good relationships with everyone, all her friends and relatives put in much thought to prepare birthday presents for her, giving her a bountiful harvest that night. Selina knew that Ella had wanted a Rimova metallic suitcase because did not buy it due to its high price. A few days ago, Selina purposely purchased one and used the unusual method of having it mailed to Ella’s house as a birthday present. Hebe went online and bought a veggie and fruit juicer with 3 horsepower for Ella who is focused on maintaining good health. But this juicer is currently out of stock and Ella may not be able to receive it until at least July.Not Use to High Heels YetThe group did not leave the restaurant until nearly 10 o’clock. As S.H.E walked out the restaurant front door, they posed for photographers from this publication in a normal manner. As soon as Ella saw the reporter, she immediately exclaimed: [Don’t I look beautiful today? Make sure your photos make us look better!] Obviously she was very satisfied with the feminine way she was dressed. It was just that not used to wear high-heeled shoes normally, she was still not very natural when she walked and had prepared a second pair of flat-heeled shoes to change into. It truly was hard being a woman!After the dinner party, everyone still wanted to continue, so they all rushed over to SOGO Cash Box Karaoke for the next round. The whole group partied and sang past midnight and still had not left. Ella passed her 27th birthday in the party room of Cash Box. According to sources, the total cost of the evening, including the dinner party and the karaoke, was close to NTW$30,000, all paid by Ella the birthday girl. The Gemini Ella was truly quite generous.According to Ella’s good friend, in comparison to the crazy birthday parties of the past, this year she already was particularly restrained. It was because two days before her birthday, she visited a Homeless Animal Shelter in Gongliu and came back with much to think about. As a dog-lover, Ella had donated all of the NTW $1.3 million proceeds from the [Qiang Qiang Memorial EP], only to realize that the amount could only improve the tip of the iceberg. She saw that the only way to gather enough resources for saving more helpless lives is to spend money only on what is truly necessary and appealed to everyone to work together.Hoping to Meet a Good ManSpeaking of this year’s birthday wishes, Ella’s good friend indicated, during the birthday party the wish that she made was: [Hope to meet a good man.] She seemed to believe that the reason behind her relationships failing each time was because she was too “man”. Therefore she wanted to change to a “ladylike style” and hoped that would increase her female hormones to entice good prospects. On her way toward becoming a lightly mature lady, Ella began to wish for an ordinary lifestyle. In order to achieve the super goal of “meeting a good man who knows how to give for the sake of love”, she is working hard to change herself. She said to her good friend privately: [At least in outer appearance, I must look like a girl. Otherwise, I really won’t ever be able to get married.] She who was always dressed androgynously in the past, now, whenever she goes shopping would buy dresses and high-heel shoes. Even her friends around her noticed in surprise: [Ella is really starting to change her ways!]
translated by : wyn0602 of CEF
Ccredits : CEFC and miolife