Monday, 15 December 2008

Designing Styles for Female College Students , S.H.E Laments No Time Off for Year End Holidays, Sunday December 14, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E who became endorsers for women fashion early this year certainly demonstrated their huge popularity and successfully achieved an impressive sales increase for the clothes line. The manufacturers were so happy with the result that they decided to hold a “Christmas Change of Fashion Show ~ S.H.E My Personal Stylist” function to show their appreciation to the consumers. Thus, allowing all S.H.E fans a chance to interact with S.H.E in close proximity.This focus of this function was to create fashion styles suitable for the three big year-end holidays including Christmas, New Year and Chinese Year New, so that all young women could be dressed in a fashionable style similar to that of S.H.E for these special occasions. In order to achieve satisfactory result befitting of being stylists, S.H.E already had discussions on the various styles suitable for the various occasions so that everyone can attend these most important year end events in high fashion. Yesterday (Dec 13th), in order to increase interest for the function, the organizers invited several popular female college students from the show [College Students, Are You Ready?] to appear as models so that this fashion show in which S.H.E will be acting as stylists for the first time would be a huge success. To no one’s surprise, the styles created by S.H.E enabled the college students to look fashionable even in casual sports wear. They were so satisfied with the look that they wanted to go to holiday parties dressed like that.However, the incredibly creative S.H.E lamented that basically these three big holidays meant no time off for them because as they got closer to year end, their working schedule became even tighter, so they had to be satisfied with creating styles for others to go partying. However S.H.E also expressed that they had not spend New Year’s Eve in Taiwan for many years, finally this year there is a chance for them to do so in Taiwan. Although they still had to work and even must take the rapid transit to rush to locations at the opposite ends of Taiwan, but at least afterwards, they could go home and spend New Year’s with their families and they would even be able to count down the New Year with Taiwanese fans. This would be their greatest satisfaction.
translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and eastday.