Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Jolin S.H.E. Drinks in Beijing, Monday April 14, 2008 Beijing

Jolin Tsai & S.H.E's alcohol level is better than many, on the evening of 12th attended a Beijing music awards ceremony's celebration party, Jolin drank consecutively 2 cups of strong alcohol that had alcohol level as high as Red Star Erguotou (52-60%), laughing saying the throat feels like it's bit cooked, the rest no feeling; after S.H.E had a few drinks, from jade girls became alcohol girls, drinking with Limingyi, as for the male representative there was Show Luo (Xiao Zhu), but because he was over exhausted from work, he didn't touch any alcohol, and also didn't interact with Selina that sat on the next table.

S.H.E was also a big standout at the celebration party, originally they had Coke replacing alcohol keeping the jade girl and group image, but after bumping into Limingyi she promoted how good the Red Star Erguotou was, the 3 immediately tried it, and taking turns toasting with Limingyi, the 3 got higher as they drank.Before the awards ceremony, Selina bought a height increasing shoes as a birthday present for Ella, making Ella did become 5cm taller, but Selina complained of her gaining weight, Hebe voluntarily spilled news that Selina is becoming more and more like the imitating natto bean of her in ctitv's "Master Mind 全民大悶鍋" program, Selina says in a girly way: "It should be he that is like me, how could it be me looking like him!"

Friday, 4 April 2008

Hebe Promoted to Mature Gal ~ Healthy Living Is First Step

Ella giving a kiss, Hebe seems a little helpless. Hebe getting a kiss from Selina, the expression seems more enjoying.
Earlier Hebe celebrated her 25th birthday, from now on she's entering the "mature" status, her good girlfriends Ella and Selina gave her big presents, making Hebe to yell: "you're not trying to pick me up are you?" As the age is maturing, she's decided to start a healthy lifestyle, hoping to be young and beautiful.Hebe celebrated her birthday on Mar 30, she only invited a few good friends to have dinner together, Ella and Selina together gave her a satellite navigation system GPS, looking at this present, Hebe laughed and said: "I feel a little humiliated." Since her usual driving areas are between her home, work office, hair or nail salon, so she wouldn't get lost. Giving Hebe congradulating words: "After a woman is 25, she'll be like a flower, after blossoming it'll gradually wither", were welcoming her in the "mature gal" group.Not only did Ella give her the GPS, the day earlier she paid for a little DKNY dress that Hebe liked as a present, and secretly asked a friend to design a poster and boarding of S.H.E together as a present for Hebe, once Hebe saw it, she was so touched that she couldn't laugh and ask Ella: "Does this mean you want to "ba" (pick up) me?"Lately Hebe is really into photography, received 3 cameras, whitening products and other different types of organic products, but did the ex-rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou give a present, Hebe didnt' answer. Hebe said, I have to start a healthy lifestyle, having fresh fruits and juices everyday, and during the evening to try to get good sleep between 10-2am "take care liver 養肝覺", but on the day of the birthday, they drank a few extra cups, she admitted: "got drunk 有宿醉".
Fan made clips of Hebe growing up:

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

S.H.E return to work after break , no stop earning money

S.H.E’s Hebe welcomed her 25th birthday today; this is S.H.E’s seventh year in the line! Yesterday when Hebe return to work with her two Laopos in Taipei for the shooting of a fast food ad, she sighed, “Time past really fast, I’m another year older.” Despite Hebe’s sigh, the 3 won the advertiser over with their energetic and healthy image and replaced idol LeeHom Wang and good friend Elva Hsiao as the endorser for China area, earning a handsome 8 digit figure into their pockets. Regarding the recent rumour of “Tie Xiong Nan”, the recording company once again said, “All of them are good friends, everyone is thinking too much.”After ending the approved leave from the recording company, S.H.E is back with a lot of busy schedules! Now they have accepted 2 shows as warm-up, they will be flying to China early next month to attend award ceremony and to shoot for a commercial as well. Regarding their new album, the trio and the company are still keeping mum about it, even HIM production director Shi Ren Cheng is not telling. From what is known, S.H.E are waiting for their good friends to return the songs that they have owed them, now Jay Chou and Shin of Mayday have submitted their creation. S.H.E are still persuading the rest of their friends, Selina have also asked Chen Han Dian who had worked with her in Kang Xi to act for their latest MV!Although they have not recorded any of their songs, some web in Mainland has already ‘released’ their next list of songs. Some of the songs included the theme song for fast food, shoes, Olympics and also ‘7 Zai’ which they had specially recorded for Stephen Chow’s ‘CJ7’. From here, we can see that fans are indeed waiting anxiously for S.H.E’s latest album. According to HIM’s plan for this year, April is for Liu Li Yang, May is One Million Star champion Yoga Lin, after that then is S.H.E’s turn. Previously the three expressed that they really want to rest and work with a big group of good friends to come up with a great album for all fans. As the plan have been postponed to summer break there is a big chance that they will clash with the other artistes who release their albums, regarding this S.H.E laughed and said, “We are not worried at all. We clashed with Stefanie Sun in 2003 and 2004; it’s actually very fun to attend activities together!”Their junior, Liu Li Yang will be going to Taiwan next month to release her album. S.H.E revealed that they will definitely attend her promos if they have the time because her voice is really special and she has a character of her own too. They even wished that her album will sell well and sent their encouragements. After ending their 3 weeks break, S.H.E will be back working through their packed schedules. Recently they have gone to the hospital to take some immunisation jabs and had a body check. They also urged everyone to take care of their bodies. S.H.E have also bought their families on a trip to Hualian, the trio who know how to enjoy life and share the enjoyment have indeed grown up a lot.S.H.E famous and earning:All their endorsements have slowly renewed their contract:DAPHNE ladies shoes, CASIO watch, China Mobile M-zone, Hydron Contact Lens, Yadi mobile cars, OKWAP mobile phone, Eastern Camel clothing, Jasmine Tea Drink, 7-11, sanitary napkins, Coca-Cola have renewed their contract, letting them earn a total of NT$180millionNew endorsements: MacDonald’s, Meng Niu Yogurt, Top Girl casual clothing earning a total of NT$52millionShows that they have attended before: New Year Countdown, CNY party, Yuan Xiao dinner, Dinner & Dance, concerts and shows earning a eight figure sum.New shows: Mazu Festival concert 2008 (4/4), Mainland Luoyang International Peony Festival concert (4/10) earning NT$7.2millionArtistes which they have asked for collaboration for new album: Jay Chou, LeeHom Wang, Shin of Mayday, Yuan Wei Ren, Kenji Wu, Fang Da Tong, TANK, Wu Bai, Zhang Xuan, etcArtistes that they have received works from: Jay Chou, Shin of MaydayThings that S.H.E have tried out: Singing, hosting, composing, endorsements, authors, dramas, dubbing, a total of 7 different things. Now the trio have movie scripts and drama scripts for them and the company have arranged for further discussion about it after they have released their album.
Source: HIM International

Extra Spicy Angels S.H.E. Spokesperson For Burger Meal

Idol group S.H.E. starting from the 2nd, will hotly represent Taiwan McDonald's "Extra Spicy Chicken Leg Hamburger", the first time challenging the style "Extra Spicy Angels". Dressed up in a really hot red skin tight leather top and pants is the first to challenge this level, it's extremely attracting.