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SHE Olympic Theme song

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Parents All Travel Together S.H.E Teasing Each Other Happily Playing

S.H.E were originally 3 girls that have never met before and formed a group, each from different areas; North, Central and South the 3 families have also all become good friends; getting together for bbq, and going traveling together.
Selina is the princess of the family, Ren Ba, Ren Ma are also about 1/2 a celebrity, Ren Ba had also hosted a program before. Selina does not live with her parents anymore, Ren Ma's precious daughter often bringing the dog, and bringing her supplement food for health to her work, the really "tough guy" Ren Ba afraid showing a face of him doting his precious daughter, often waits in the car downstairs. This trip, Ren Ba & Ma rare to travel with their daughter, the old pair's loving gestures were envious to the others nearby.

Hebe Ba Ma are usually very low key, rarely appears at S.H.E's work environment, Hebe understands her parents' personality, and very protective of their privacy. This year Hebe's parents missed out on Ella's family spring bbq party, the record company staff went traveling, so this short trip to Hualien, the two can let go of taking care of the restaurant "Qing Tian" to Hebe's elder brother, happily traveling with their daughter.

Ella Ba Ma are just as warm as their daughter, loves to take care of others, even the fans that had nothing to do at the Pingtung old house have had the experience of the Chen family Ba Ma's warm treatment. During the new years bbq party, that's also famous across. This time Ella's parents are traveling together, their way of showing their love towards each other is teasing each other by mouth, making Ella not able to stand and yell: "If this continues, I hope this will not cause me to get another younger brother or sister?"

Friday, 21 March 2008

SHE Leads the Latest Fashion Trend with a Limited Edition Casio Baby-G Puppy’s Garden Series Watch each, Monday March 17, 2008 Taiwan

SHE’s popularity, charms and youthful energy is unparalleled and hence they have been the favourites of commercial endorsements. Since ousting Ariel Lin recently to become the latest spokespersons for Top Girl apparels, Casio Baby-G also renewed their contract with SHE. The very 1st range for promotion this season is the latest edition of very feminine appeal “Casio Baby-G Puppy’s Garden Series” watches.The official spokesman for Casio Taiwan expressed that, SHE, being their spokespersons for the year, love and keep dogs as pets, and the pets are intimate companions to many ladies and a strong source of emotional support too. This edition of Baby-G is specially targeted for ladies, with the understanding that they would like to keep their pets company at all times. Hence the 8th edition of the 2008 Springtime Puppy’s Garden Series is launched.

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S.H.E shooting commercial in Hainan, Sunday March 16 , 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E recently flew to "China's Hawaii" Hainan Sanya to shoot the 2nd series of commercials for a certain brand of yoghurt. Selina took the chance to bring her parents along to Sanya for a holiday. Selina said, "Last year when we flew there during winter to shoot the commercial, already felt that this place was too beautiful." Hebe like Ella also fell in love with self-photography, posting her own works on their blog are currently enjoying the privilege of having commercials to shoot for nonstop, coupled with various magazine interviews, feature articles, in addition to next week the Spanish media coming to interview them, the three shouted, "Even though we seem to be lying low recently, we're actually busy to death! This time coming to shoot the commercial it's also a chance for a holiday." Their new album has also lately seen no action, fans everywhere have been waiting till they are agitated, Hebe expressed, "Actually this album is still in the planning stages, trying to experiment a change in style, the company has been in contact with teacher Chen Sun Hua, we have been receiving songs due to us by our good friends! Was it rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou's new work? Hebe laughed impatiently, "He... it's a secret lah."In addition Ella is also considering several movies, the company and her are seriously choosing scripts, there are even scripts which require all three S.H.E members, HIM expressed, "The new album will be pushed out first, then we'll let them film movies and idol dramas." Selina and Zhong Tian are also coming out with a new programme, currently Zhong Tian is looking for a male host, they're considering Ethan Ruan, Ming Dao etc.

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S.H.E in 100% Entertainment (Hito Awards)

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Bonus-19 Minutes

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S.H.E Morning Call

100% Entertaiment - 26 November 2006

Ella Big Building Plans ~ Neighbors Funny Asks to Borrow $10 Million Yuan

Just because we have building plans, then money has to be borrowed? You're Joking!

Ella taking advantage of a rare holiday, will do some redevelopment plans for the old Pingtung home. Ella previously afraid of her Grandpa being reluctant to build the new house out of the existing home, nervously she sought his opinion, and did not expect Grandpa agreed not only but was excited, then pulling along Ella's grandmother spread amongst the neighbors to tell the news, Ella laughing: "As a result neighbor Uncle Ami was very funny, actually told my Grandpa to come back to tell her to borrow 10 million yuan! "Ella planned for six years and finally she's able to fulfil her dreams, this year not only she is financially able to renovate the old Pingtung family home, also would like to change it to a unique bed & breakfast business. Days ago, she returned home with a designer to take a look at the environment, designers suggested that the building had no framework and if had to be changed it would cost money, it would be best to just knock it down, causing her to be a little disappointed, she said: " That house is where I grew up, there are many many memories…" Fortunately, the designers were humorous, and thought up of her famous song "You will always live in memories" and persuaded her to keep the beautiful memories of the house within your mind, then she was able to let it go.It's an important matter for Ella to rebuild the old home, her mother reminded her to make sure her grandfather agreed, originally she thought her Grandpa would disagree, did not expect the elderly had shining tears in response: "Of course it's good! From here to the back yard it belongs to us, you can construct as you like, no problem!" Ella later learned that many of her grandfather's friends depend on their descendants to renovate the old home to change into a new home, so ever since he has also hoped that his children and grandchildren would also do the same.

Since grandpa agreed to renovate the old home, he happily went around his neighbors to deliver the "good news", showing off the process there was also some funny situations, neighbor Uncle Ami heard Ella's pockets are full, jokingly asked her grandfather to ask her to borrow $10 million yuan, making Ella a bit embarassed and laughed. Even though she would like to let the family enjoy a better lifestyle is becoming true, but on the blog she disclosed that she's still looking for love, hoping "that" person will appear soon, making her life complete.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Hebe, Selina and Ella pose professionally with bowling balls, but skills are only so-so

S.H.E usually love to joke, often daring and audacious in their speech, this time they actually dared to challenge the boss of their own record company! Recently they went to Shanghai to promote, went to bowl during their free time, waged that the loser would do leapfrogs, never expected that HIM's General Manager He Yan Ling, with the poorest results, was punished to do 20 leapfrogs.That day those who participated in the great bowling challenge included 8 other HIM colleagues, hairstylist etc besides S.H.E. The rule of game was that the 3 persons with the lowest scores would be punished. Selina's had a poor first round, only scoring 60+ points (pinfalls?), on the spot discarding her artiste image, doing 20 leapfrogs in front of everyone.Actually the 3's skills are average, their scores range between 80 and 100, never expected that the GM scored even worse, only hitting 60+ points, actually the staff had wanted to accept the punishment on behalf of the GM, but she gamely insisted that those willing to bet had to be willing to lose, causing S.H.E to break out in cold sweat with shock.

Fillial Ella takes shot of self, Tokyo Tower & parents

S.H.E's Ella made use of her annual leave and brought her father, mother and eldest sister to Tokyo for a 5-day trip, to let her parents have a comfortable holiday, Ella splashed out on a high-class hotel, flew business class, spending $200,000 on plane tickets and accommodation alone. During the trip she also paid for all the bills, the trip was entirely a "filial holiday".Parents visited scenic spots, dutiful daughter became the tour guideThe entire trip was planned by Ella, she brought her parents to all the scenic spots including Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Hakoune Onsen Hot Spring, Mount Fuji etc, Ella who loved to go Japan said, "I've been to these places many times, but it's my parents' first visit there, so I became the competent tour guide."Didn't bring tripod, took a family portrait without asking for helpOn this rare occasion that her parents could go to Japan, Ella took pictures everywhere they went, she took on the role of official photographer, going the self-reliant route and completely not seeking help from passers-by. However as she was afraid her luggage would be too heavy, she did not bring her tripod along, as they wanted to take a family portrait whenever they came to a scenic spot, she had to go around looking for a suitable support to place her camera to complete the shoot, she laughed and said, "Over this trip, my self-photography skills have increased quite a bit!"Appearing as herself without disguise, did not encounter any incidentsIn front of Tokyo Tower, to get her parents and the Tower within the same frame, Ella totally discarded her star image, her whole person was sprawled on the ground, attracting the stares of passers-by, she joked, "They probably think I'm nuts!"As she was travelling with her parents and sister, during the whole trip Ella didn't encounter any incidents, appearing as herself, she didn't even put on any form of disguise such as hats, sunglasses etc, in fact it was her parents and sister who wore shades, causing the crew to ask, "Just who is the real artiste here?"

2008 Hito Pop Music Awards

Hito Male Singer - LeeHom Wang
Hito Female Singer - Jolin Tsai
Hito Female Group - S.H.E
Hito Male Group - Lollipop
Hito Rock Group - May Day
Hito Great Sound New Comer - One Million Stars (星光幫)
Hito Composer Singer - Jay Chou & LeeHom Wang
Hito K Female - Stephanie Suen (我怀念的)
Hito K Male - Gary Cao (背叛)
Hito Album - Khail Fong (Love Love Love)
Hito Producer - Stanley Huang (無神論)
Voted Most Popular New Comer - One Million Stars
Voted Most Popular Rock Group - May Day
Voted Most Popular Group - Fahrenheit
Voted Most Popular Composer Singer - Yida Huang
Voted Most Popular Female Singer - Stephanie Suen
Voted Most Popular Male Singer - Show Luo

Ella Sits on Lap Gives Kisses ~ TANK's Heart Can't Take It

S.H.E yesterday evening went south to Kaohsiung to attend the "2008 Hito Popular Music Awards" ceremony, getting the Female Group Award for 5 years in a row, S.H.E was extremely in a good mood, went out with the staff after to celebrate. During the celebration banquet TANK went for Ella for a kiss, Ella infront of the rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun played kissy with her younger brother, TANK hung around elder sis Ella was a bit overwhelmed by her spoiling says: "My heart attack is about to start!"Because TANK was on stage getting an award and expressed that Ella is the female artists he would like to kiss most. At the banquet Ella immediately sat on TANK's lap, the two immediately played kissy. Since the filming idol drama of "Hana Kimi" Ella was rumoured with rumoured boy friend Wu Zun; since he was present, reporters chased after him asking if he minded? Wu Zun was just embarassed and laughed saying: "Not really, Ella is like my younger bro, she would come to my room every night."
After everyone enjoyed the feast, Ella expressed she would really like to experience a hard core love relationship, and said: "From the start to entering the coffin, a woman will still want a love relationship." Selina also disclosed with "lawyer guy" is hard to develop, and since tempting for program "KangXi" the interaction with the show assistant Chen Han Dian has been attracting.Selina says: "Before I gave my number to him, and even said clearly don't like me, if you like me, I ignore you." So after that speech it's a small chance they'll be together, Selina was afraid of hurting Chen Han Dian, then explained: "Chen Han Dian is like my younger brother."

Friday, 7 March 2008

S.H.E New Bag In Topic

Ella ~ Buying a Gold colored bag for the first time

Selina ~ Prada new style little hand bag
Hebe ~ Vivien Westwood red hand bag

Ella's usual dress style is "handsome", the carried bags are usually very big and soft, very casual bags, which is suitable for her sporty style, but this time she has her eyes a golden colored bag from a South Korean brand called inch. Ella says: "The designer of this brand from S. Korea really likes to design gold colored bags, I don't know what crazy thing happend to me to actually for the first time to buy a gold colored bag, of course it's a little weird."This type of bag is about $30,000 it's Ella's newest product in hand, it's large size is practial for use. Before the most expensive bag Ella ever bought was just a $80,000 Chanel, but it was a present for her sister's birthday.
Selina's "New Stlye" is Prada's new spring style hand bag in pink costing about $20,000 NT."Pink Colored" is the focused word. Selina admits: "I can't resist to the color pink, also Prada in the past has never had such a cute bag before."The most expensive bag Selina has ever bought was a Bottega Veneta limited edition double sided stitch bag, costing about $70, 000.
Hebe's new bag, is the new style by Vivien Westwood in a red colored square shape。This square shaped red bag is about $20,000, red does not see to fit with Hebe's image, she says: "I actually really like red accessories, but it's usually red shoes, very few bags, but this time it's because I saw this style I like so I bought it."The most expensive Hebe bought earlier is a Bottega Veneta and YSL, both are about $70,000.

Ella Want to Sell Herself ~ Want to Be B&B Owner

Following after good sis Hebe investing in her brother's restaurant, Ella has the thought of becoming a female owner too, this year plans to invest about 10 million dollars to make one of Pintung's old empty house to become a bed and breakfasdt, she laughed: "Apart from the enjoyment of life, the other selling point is me of course." Since the whole family has moved to the new house, distance not far from the old house it's been empty, Ella had thoughts of changing it to a B&B long ago, "if one day I don't continue as an artist, would want to open a B&B to become an owner."It's becuase it's been so busy earlier, and worried that mom and dad would be too tiring, this dream has since been dragged, but it could be because of the influnece of Hebe's brother "Qing Tian" restaurant's successful encouragement; Ella's "B&B dream" finally can start making some actual developments.Ella says, already contacted designers to have them look at the house, she hopes to keep the exterior and style, but the rooms inside must be arranged in different styles, this is all out of her thoughts, having village style, modern style and so on, to give customers different feelings. She says, the old house is in the old hometown, there's village scenery, behind the house there a field, this can let customers feel leisurely and relax the "enjoyment of life" style.Of course changing to be a B&B is not easy, not only opening the doors for business, family and friends will also have a place to stay, once Hebe and Selina heard it, they loundly and excitedly reacted, hoping in the future they can also bring their family to Pingtung to play.Not worried of attracting fans bothering? Ella laughed: "Since most fans and my parents are familiar. And if they want to stay, there's still a fee." Becuase it's a B&B in a village earning a life it's another selling point.

SHE Earns NT$300m in a Year

The pop female group, SHE, has been in the entertainment industry for 7 years, and their popularity is still going strong. Despite many obstacles, their relationship remained steadfast and their earning capability also soared. Although they are daring on stage, their financial management style is just the opposite. They would use a small portion of their earnings to reward themselves and saved the rest. Hence each of them is a little rich missy.When one mentioned SHE, the impression would probably be 3 young girls (actually they are already in their 20s), bustling and energetic, even to the extent of being “a little crazy”. To share such a closely knitted relationship like them, one would think that they are probably friends since childhood.They have their different singing ideals and dreams when they first joined the singing competition, and when grouped together by the company after the show, they probably have some reservations towards each other. Yet the 3 girls with different family background, looks and personalities got along and their friendship blossomed within the short span of time they all stayed together in the hostel. Popular As EverSHE has been in the industry for 7 years already. When they released their 1st album, it coincided with the unfortunate 911 incident. Amidst all the sadness, they also thought that that would be their very 1st and last album. But yet, SHE remained popular till today. No disputes, no disband; they overcame moments of low in their emotions, and even the baseless political implications. SHE, is popular as ever.Just in 2007 alone, the estimated earnings of SHE is about NT$314m, with their endorsements for 15 advertisements in China & Taiwan. For 7 years running, SHE is no doubt the most popular female group in Asia, and hence, earning themselves the undisputable name of “No. 1 Female Group in the Chinese Entertainment Industry”.Each member of SHE is unique in their own ways. Selina is very girly, Ella is very suave, Hebe is in between. Their vocals also complemented each other, Ella with her low mellow vocal, Hebe with her high vocals, and Selina with her sweet medium range. Leaving Unhappiness BehindSHE won over the hearts of many fans right from their first album - “Girls’ Hostel”, with the song “Lian Ren Wei Man” (lit transl: Not Yet Lovers). They also led the trend to sing translated songs and showcased many composers in their recent albums. Their fan base comprises of males and females from all age groups. To add credit to their singing skills, SHE beat their seniors, Power Station, and won the Taiwan Golden Song Award for Best Group with the album, “Mei Li Xin Shi Jie” (lit transl: Beautiful New World).The biggest crisis for the group would be in 2003, when Ella suffered a spinal injury while filming for a variety programme, and subsequently a near-emotional breakdown. The cheerful girl was almost in tears throughout the whole period. Fortunately her sisters were around to support her and to help her leave the unhappiness behind.Selina said, “I keep telling Ella, she must not suppress her feelings before myself and Hebe. She must be honest to share with us as all 3 of us are in this together.” Since then, the company would give them all a month of rest annually.Encouraging Fans to Do Charity A baseless allegation of taking a political stand started with their song, “Chinese Language”, and all 3 girls were nearly involved in an uncalled for political upheaval. With SHE’s popularity; paparazzis are tailing them everywhere they go. But the 3 of them would just laugh the groundless rumours away. As long the photos are beautifully taken, they do not really care. Loud and a little crazy may be their screen image, but it is also how they behave in reality and the best way to relieve stress.Although they are always seen as merry and carefree, SHE also has a sentimental side. Since a long time back, they have already urged fans to stop giving them presents and to make donations to the charitable organisations instead. As a result, fans would end up sending them a big stack of receipts from charitable organisations now. Ella often says, “We are public figures and should take the chance to influence, encourage and lead our fans to do good.” Hence, she would join her friends to help out with the poor in the mountainous regions. She also dedicated a song, Qiang Qiang, for her late pug and donated all proceeds to the home for the strays.In 2007, SHE also visited India. In the dirty and smelly streets of the poor dwellers, it was surprising to see that SHE, who are used to being taken good care of, would even take the initiative to approach and even carry the kids on the streets. None of these were pre-arranged kids, nor poses meant before the camera. The princess-like Selina let the little India girls, full of admiration for her, put their hands around her waist and hug her; Hebe who often pride herself as one who does not shed tears easily also cried; while Ella, who was the most emotional, could hardly take a bite from her meal, as she recalled the contrasting disparity between them and the unfortunate people on the streets. Unity in StrengthWhen SHE first started out, they would produce an album once every half-year and their hectic lifestyle was like a spinning top at full force. Ella was once unable to adapt to such “fatigue”. However, now all 3 of them have matured and gotten used to such a lifestyle. Occasionally they would share that as young artistes, they have lost their youth, playtime and quality time with their family. Their hard work also bore sweet fruits. All 3 of them are seen often at the top of the charts for being highest earning artistes in recent years. Ella and Selina bought houses for their families, while Hebe rewarded herself with a long trip to England. All 3 of them have very prudent financial management concepts; spending a little, giving to their parents, and saving up the rest. Till now, even fans are already numbed to the rumours of them disbanding; SHE is still very much a group. They would call each other “Lao Po” affectionately and no one is trying to outshine each other, as they often says, "We are inseparable."