Thursday, 20 December 2007

New Lyrics

[愛來過]ai lai guo ==> S.H.E

wo kan bu kai ye fang bu kai yin wei wo cheng jian guo ai qing zhen de sheng kai

wo yao deng dai yi zhi deng dai deng na yi ge ye wan chong huei yi huei lai

dang ni yong bao zhe wo na yi shun jian wo xiang fei dao kong zhong

er dang wo huan huan jiang luo wo bu zai shi wo wo you le meng wo zai meng zhong

*ai lai guo, lai de na me mei, na me xiong, huan hu zhe, chong wo sheng ming hen hen nian guo

lian yi han ye dou bu zheng qi de zhen xi cheng xiao rong

ai lai guo rang wo wan zheng guo(rang wo)xing fu guo zen me neng qing yi jiu fang ta zou

wo bu xiang jie tuo wo zhi pa cuo guo wo jiu shi yao deng ni huei lai ai wo

ji mo xuan hua wo bu hai pa yin wei wo zhi ting de jian dui ni de qian gua

shi jie hen da hui rong de xia wo zhe xiao xiao sa sa wan gu de xin yang

ni you mei you guo cheng nuo wo yi wang le na yi bu zhong yao le

fan zheng wo dou hui shou hou zai meng zhong shou hou wo zui wei yi zui mei de meng

ru guo xu yao dong yong qi ji lai zhao huan huei ni, jiu rang lei cheng fa xia cheng xue hua

he wo yi qi zai ai zhong bei rong hua

[來不及]lai bu ji ==> Hebe

jin tian zhao shang qi chuang nao dai yi chang tong lian ye zhang hong

shi bu shi zuo tian wan shang zuo le shi me hai xiu de meng

huo xu shi fen hong se he er meng zai xue ye zhong liu dong

ni hu xi wo ji dong

xing tiao piao yi ti xing zhe wo men sen zai bu tong tian kong

yu shi hao de shang tong shi fou neng shuo bu peng jiu bu peng

wo xiang you yi bu jue bi fei e pu huo hai geng duo luo

qiong bu qiong, tong bu tong, li zhi wei ai shi zhong

*lai bu ji, mei ge jiao bu, yi chai zhe lian ai de jie zhou

lai bu ji, di chiu zhuan dong, bu hui wei shei deng hou

lai bu ji, huei tou, jian cha jiu de shang kou

ru guo zhao jie kou, xiang tai duo, mei jie guo, ku ye mei yong

jin tian zhao shang qi chuang ni shi fou jue de qian sen suan tong

shi bu shi wo ai shang ni rang ni jue de qian sen jin beng

huo xu shi ni tai tiao pi dao wo meng zhong suei bian cuan dong

ni tiao yao, wo shi kong

xing tiao piao yi guo ran bu chu suo liao ti xing bu liao wo

yu shi hao de shang tong ya yi yao you meng jiu bu hui tong

wo xiang you yi bu jue yung yen bu hui shi wo de zuo feng

feng bu feng, tong bu tong, jiu suan wo fan le cuo

lai bu ji, nao hai zhao jiu liao yin le ni wan mei lun kuo

lai bu ji gan kuai bu zhuo wei ni fang de yen huo

lai bu ji, yi ba bu ai ni de chong dong bian cheng le xiang shou

wo xiang yao jie tuo, yao zi you, yao chong dong

[你最近還好嗎]ni zui jin hai hao ma ==> S.H.E

tiao yi zhang ye dan ka xie shang man man zhu fu de hua

di zhi xie de shi xing di, ni neng bu neng shou dao ta

tian you dian leng, feng you dian da

cheng shi ning jing er xuan hua

zhe yi ge dong tian wo dei yi ge ren zou huei jia

wen zi ji xi guan le ma

mei you ni,mei dao ye li huei sheng bian de hao da

you mei you shi me hao fang fa, rang ji mo geng ting hua

ni zui jin hai hao ma

shi bu shi ye zai si nian li zheng zha

ni shuo hui ji de wo, hai ji de ma

ni zui jin hai hao ma

mang lu ma, lei ma, xing hai hui tong ma

ru guo zhen de bu de yi wang le wo

kuai xiang kuai le chu fa

you zai duo de qian gua dou yi mei you qian li biao da

jiu qing ren gei de wen hou bi mo sheng ren hai gan ga

zuo tian yen le, ming tian hai chang, huei yi mo hu dan ju da

zhe yang de shen ye yan lei yao zen yang bu liu xia

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

S.H.E n Fahrenheit new MV

Fahrenheit & S.H.E

Fahrenheit and senior, SHE cooperated together on their new song, Xin Wo MV, and played widely on the matching game. Ella of course is paired back with her rumoured boyfriend, Wu Zun, and she said humourously, "Wu Zun have already loved Angela for too long, he should come back already." Apart from this, Jiro is paired up with Selina, and Calvin is paired up with Hebe. Everyone also participated in a sweet dance. As for which pairing has the most chemistry? Of course Wu Zun and Ella has the most chemistry.At the same time, the 7 of them also squeezed on a big bed, and acted on the bed. (脇上戲? What's this?) Among them, Selina was the funniest of them all.
FRH filmed Xin Wo MV with SHE, everyone "nestled" together,and even paired to dance the waltz. In the end, Wu Zun and Ella this "previously rumoured couple" were acknowledged to have the most chemistry in dance.In the new MV FRH and SHE to present the "nest" effect, wore pyjamas together, hugging pillows in deep sleep. Selina and Jiro, Ella and Wu Zun, Hebe and Calvin were all paired to dance, Arron because of leg injury could only remain at the side with the dry pleasure of hitting the triangle to provide accompaniment.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

S.H.E,T.Y.J at Xi Men Ding [鬥牛.要不要]原聲帶簽名會

For a while S.H.E hasn't been together because for the purpose of albums, yesterday along with younger brothers [T.Y.J] (Tank, Lin You Jia and Zhou Ding Wei), were in Ximending doing a sing and signing function, at the event 4000 tickets were passed out, amazing fame. Because of "Bull Fighting's" sound track, SHE and the brothers all met to see the fans, but Ella was dressed like a boy, even the hair is getting shorter and shorter, and purposely said: "I went to cut it again this morning, exactly like the character Leehom played in "Lust Caution" hair cut. Earlier especially to go chase the star Ang Lee, Ella says: "to see if Ang Lee can look me up." Being asked if she like Leehom, busily answering: "It's liking Ang Lee, Aiya, he and Leehom are both handsome guys, like both.""Bull Fighting" main actress Hebe disclosed, lately all friends around are very into the drama, all anxious to know what happens to the relationships. Of course Selina says she wants to organize a "Zi Chung (Lee Wei) Team", often telling Hebe: "Lao Po(wife), you have to choose Zi Chung la." The 3 SHE on stage were analyzing the main actresses relationship world, the younger brothers could only help them hold on the mic.The fans totally filled to the max the red theatre center, the stars on stage fooling around, taking turns wearing the "cow dung cap". Once Ella saw it she immediately put it on, making the crowd burst in laughter, and putting it on Tanks face, Hebe also made Lin You Jia and Zhou Ding Wei must wear the hats while singing and dancing, after playing, and asks the fans in return: "want to see the princess where cow dung?" Selina could only blush on the face and wear the hat to dance.