Monday, 15 December 2008

Designing Styles for Female College Students , S.H.E Laments No Time Off for Year End Holidays, Sunday December 14, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E who became endorsers for women fashion early this year certainly demonstrated their huge popularity and successfully achieved an impressive sales increase for the clothes line. The manufacturers were so happy with the result that they decided to hold a “Christmas Change of Fashion Show ~ S.H.E My Personal Stylist” function to show their appreciation to the consumers. Thus, allowing all S.H.E fans a chance to interact with S.H.E in close proximity.This focus of this function was to create fashion styles suitable for the three big year-end holidays including Christmas, New Year and Chinese Year New, so that all young women could be dressed in a fashionable style similar to that of S.H.E for these special occasions. In order to achieve satisfactory result befitting of being stylists, S.H.E already had discussions on the various styles suitable for the various occasions so that everyone can attend these most important year end events in high fashion. Yesterday (Dec 13th), in order to increase interest for the function, the organizers invited several popular female college students from the show [College Students, Are You Ready?] to appear as models so that this fashion show in which S.H.E will be acting as stylists for the first time would be a huge success. To no one’s surprise, the styles created by S.H.E enabled the college students to look fashionable even in casual sports wear. They were so satisfied with the look that they wanted to go to holiday parties dressed like that.However, the incredibly creative S.H.E lamented that basically these three big holidays meant no time off for them because as they got closer to year end, their working schedule became even tighter, so they had to be satisfied with creating styles for others to go partying. However S.H.E also expressed that they had not spend New Year’s Eve in Taiwan for many years, finally this year there is a chance for them to do so in Taiwan. Although they still had to work and even must take the rapid transit to rush to locations at the opposite ends of Taiwan, but at least afterwards, they could go home and spend New Year’s with their families and they would even be able to count down the New Year with Taiwanese fans. This would be their greatest satisfaction.
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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

S.H.E teaches The Secret of "Chasing Women", Sunday October 26 , 2008 Taiwan

Yesterday, S.H.E, bringing their newest album [FM S.H.E], arrived in Beijing. During their exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment, the three discussed what they considered a good man: considerate, generous, talented, responsible, worship-worthy…amidst the conversation, Hebe even mentioned that Jay Chou had composed one of the songs in the album. In comparison to the flurry of romantic rumors previously, she seemed to be very open about it.Jay Chou Contribution for the New AlbumNo Fear of Romantic Rumors from HebeIn their exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment, S.H.E who was working hard to promote their new album, openly revealed that one of the songs in the album “Silence” was composed by Hebe’s rumored boyfriend Jay Chou. This was not the first time Jay collaborated with them. The earlier romantic rumor was also started with Hebe collaborating with him on his MV “Going Backward”. This time with him helping out again, the female lead in this romantic rumor, Hebe, profusely praised the song written by Jay Chou as being very good, without any hints of intentionally dodging the issue. Her open attitude was as if the romantic rumor had never happened.S.H.E Reveals Their Standards for an Ideal ManTeaches the Secret of Chasing WomenWhen asked as their standards for an ideal man, the three each had their own ideas: For Selina, an ideal man must be honest and responsible; Ella’s ideal man must be comfortable and easy to get along; only Hebe’s standard for an ideal man was more special – “He must be have some type of specialty that can make me worship him.” There seemed to be a wealth of meaning between the lines.There were also men that S.H.E particularly disliked, such as men that are “petty, disagreeable…” and other similar characteristics. At the same time, they also revealed to all men their close-kept secret of “chasing women”: [If she says “I love you” 1000 times to you, then you have to say “I love you” back 1001 times. Afterwards hug her and kiss her. Then everything will be OK.
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Friday, 17 October 2008

Jay Chou JieLun Sees Only Hebe; S (Selina) and E (Ella) Mock Themselves, Saying That They Aren't People!

S.H.E. was able to get Jay Chou JieLun-- who was previously rumored to be with member Hebe-- to guest for the last session of their radio program, FM S.H.E. The two rumored parties were more than "not awkward" with each other-- they even discussed underwear quite freely!-- but, rather curiously, in speaking of female artists with whom he has collaborated, President Chou only mentioned Hebe. This made the other two members of S.H.E. shout, "Are we not people, too?!"S.H.E.'s on-line radio program-- broadcast for only a month-- is about to come to an end; their last guest is Jay Chou. Both parties promoted each other's respective albums-- 我的電台 - FM S.H.E./My Radio Station - FM S.H.E. and 魔杰座/Capricorn.During the interview, the topic unexpectedly shifted to underwear! The three girls wanted to know whether Jay, who typically doesn't wear any underwear, has ever "gotten caught" in his zipper. Selina even suddenly blurted out, "Or do you shrink back?" This made Jay laugh awkwardly in embarrassment; S.H.E. could only use "We were talking about the skin on your stomach!" to justify the question. Afterwards, Jay admitted frankly that he hadn't expected them to ask such a question. He also revealed that, once, when he was filming a cellphone commercial, he actually forgot to zip up!When asked to "name three female artists with whom (he) has collaborated," President Chou mentioned only Hebe. This made Ella shout, "You could have just answered S.H.E.! But you only mentioned Hebe... are we not people, too?!" Selina said, "That's right. One of us is a pig, and the other a chicken!" But the concerned party seemed to be quite poised and self-possessed; although he was in front of Hebe, Jay spoke freely, revealing that he had his first kiss at age 14 in the 大安森林公園 Ta-An Forest Park.Jay said that, if he had to choose one of the three girls to be the female lead of a movie, he would choose Hebe. His reasoning was this: "Selina is too "expensive"-looking; Ella is too tomboyish." Ella said slyly, "We're friends, not "rice (dinner) friends"!", deliberately referring to Selina's lawyer "rice (dinner) friend" to make a joke.Jay cleared up his previous statement ("The thing that I regret the most is going to 代官山 Daikanyama"); he said, "I was only joking!" As for his "We broke up last year," an answer he gave on a television program, Jay said, "It was a slip of the tongue. I always thought we broke up last year." He denied, however, that this was evidence of his finding "Miss Patty Hou PeiCen" hard to forget.

Friday, 10 October 2008

S.H.E Advocates “Girls Ought To Be Strong” by Practising “The Art of Self Defence in Love”, Wednesday October 8, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E practises “The Art of Self Defence in Love” to fight the conventional societal ideals of beauty. The trio advocates for girls not to be just concerned with looks, but also to be confident and “Girls’ Ought To Be Strong”. In their MV, the trio took on the roles of Love Coaches to listen to the love problems of the girls and encourage them to stand up for themselves. In addition, SHE also extends their invitation to fans to join them for the “S.H.E TOP GIRL New Songs Concert” on 19 October. Please visit for more details.In their latest album FM S.H.E, one of the new songs – “Girls Ought To Be Strong” adapted part of its tune from Wong Fei Hong’s “Men Ought To Be Strong”. The music genre is the line of “Chin-Hop”, a blend of Chinese music and Hip-Hop. The lyrics encouraged girls not to be beaten in Love, and the need to be true to and love themselves; advocating for strong female awareness. A martial arts coach was invited to teach S.H.E “The Art of Self Defence in Love” in preparation for filming of the MV. The 1st stunt is to kick away the Poor Love that broke the hearts of the girls; while the 2nd stunt is to open one’s arms to welcome New Romance. The 3rd stunt is to learn how to Protect and Love oneself while in a relationship. Next, S.H.E imparted these stunts to the rest of the girls trapped in love and encouraged them to be independent and stand up for themselves. There is no need to wait in vain for Prince Charming to appear, but to be proactive to embark on the journey to Protect Love.S.H.E expressed that, “No one is perfect. Hence, do not compromise in love just because you feel inferior. We girls, must be confident of ourselves. If you have loved the wrong person, just get out and move on. Only then will you eventually meet Mr Right!” Meanwhile, “Mdm Xi Bi” who addressed fans’ love problems on air in FM SHE weekly, offered her usual advice to all the girls indecisive in love, “That person is not the only one on Earth, no point wallowing in sorrow over him”.While practising their stunts, S.H.E had fun sparring with each other too. However when the trio donned the hot-trendy-sexy-babe outfit while filming, they had to stifle their laughter as they felt that the clothes were contradictory and out of place with Chinese Kungfu. Subsequently, the trio changed into sportswear to act as Love Coaches and listened to the array of love problems of the girls present. SHE found the love problems beyond their imagination and felt for their heartaches, in the end, they also joined the girls to swear and cry.S.H.E has always been very independent, but occasionally when faced with love problems, they would feel lost too. While recording “Girls Ought To Be Strong” in the studio, Ella suddenly saw a fleeting shadow behind the recording producer and was scared stiff. She was stunned momentarily before she “escaped” from the studio. Pale-faced and with a quiver in her voice, she asked the recording producer, “Did you see anything just now?” Ella has never met with any strange encounters in the company’s recording studio prior to this; but once she composed herself after the incident, she was inspired and felt even more for the song. Therefore she took the initiative to suggest different ideas to the producer to enrich the singing parts of the song. In the past, Ella would be in-charge of the Rap parts in SHE’s songs. However upon Ella, Selina and Hebe’s discussion, they decided to do the Rap together to bring out the impact of the song to encourage girls to stand up for themselves in Love. As a result, the effect was indeed very good. The trio felt that they are actually cheering for, and encouraging themselves to be brave in love too, when singing this song.For most time in the past year, S.H.E had held concerts overseas. Hence on 19 October, to the delight of many fans in Taiwan, S.H.E will hold the “S.H.E TOP GIRL New Songs Concert” in Selina’s school. SHE reveals that other than performing the new songs from “FM SHE”, they will also be showing off their new dance steps.
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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record sales exceed 100,000, Ella to swim bareback, Wednesday September 25, 2008 Taiwan

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record Sales Exceed 100,000, Ella to Swim BarebackS.H.E exudes their sexiness; Hebe and ELLA were donned in flowing dresses, with only Selina being more conservatively dressed. However the sharp-tongued Selina actually used Ella as a sales record wager by declaring, “If record sales exceed 100,000, she will wear only swimming trunks and go bareback.” Once again, another group of artistes has ride on the trend of swimming in the buff.New album – FM SHE uses webcast as an idea. The trio had dressed “more formally” to publicise their new album and officiate the opening of their web station. It was a rare occasion to see Ella in a floral dress with a deep V-plunging neckline. In addition, her well-endowed figure totally refuted earlier reports of her being “itsy-bitsy”. Meanwhile, Hebe does not wish to be outdone and kept standing up to bend forward and bow in attempt to show her small cleavage. Selina was dressed more sombrely and when teased by media that she was perhaps under strict supervision by her rumoured lawyer boyfriend, she quickly clarified, “If all 3 of us are dressed too sexily, the whole group will look weird.”While their record company has set target for this album to be the year’s champion for record sales, S.H.E was more casual about it. When touted by media to ride on the recent “swimming in the buff” trend, Selina actually said, “Ok, if record sales exceed 100,000, then ask Van Fan Yi Chen to swim in the buff again.” But in the end, everything became distorted and ELLA was asked to swim bareback in swimming trunks. In response, Ella said in style, “I could, but I worry everyone will mistake me as a guy.”Selina wrote the lyrics for a new song “Already Silent” in the album. She explained that the music was composed by Jay Chou upon hearing her love story, however she refused to reveal who the male was. “Go ask Jay, I told him everything. But should he let the cat out, I will definitely tell on him too.” In conjunction with another song, “Wo Ai Fan Nao” (lit transl: I Love Troubles), the trio has made some small losses in their investments recently, and could only console themselves by saying, “If only we had not buy.”At least with Meng Niu concerts to proceed as scheduled, the trio had no troubles in their career. Selina was initially saying, “Most people can usually detoxify by drinking water.” However when the media asked about Meng Niu, the trio acted blur and replied, “Everything is still under investigation, but since products were taken off-shelf, it is inevitable for the atmosphere to be tensed.” Despite they were unable to get any break with the scheduled concerts going as planned, the trio are nonetheless happy to be able to meet up with fans.
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Saturday, 20 September 2008

FM S.H.E Warmly Invites Diva Zhang Hui Mei to be The First Interviewee, Friday September 19, 2008 Taiwan

Four dog lovers can’t stop talking about dogs; Ah Mei helps her dog son to come out of the closet.Yesterday S.H.E started recording for their internet radio ‘FM S.H.E’ which was started because of their album ‘My Station FM S.H.E’, the first ‘mysterious guest’ that they interviewed is diva Zhang Hui Mei (Ah Mei) who is currently leading an isolated life. Ah Mei who is concentrating on her preparations for her Japan concert specially come out for S.H.E, and she even sang a Taiwanese song ‘Jia Hou’ with Selina, Hebe and Ella said happily, “This part of singing have to record down and use it as handphone ringtone.”To invite the guest for interview every week, S.H.E gave many choices for the company to refer to, they said, “The first episode have to invite artistes of kings and queens level, and in Taiwan the diva who has the standing would definitely be Ah Mei.” Ah Mei also has righteousness, not only did she agree to accept S.H.E’s interview, she also prepared bracelets, necklace and earrings as presents. Ah Mei smiled and said, “When I first heard that S.H.E was going to interview me I thought it was for a television program, unexpectedly it’s actually for radio.” S.H.E who usually has a lot to talk about becomes a DJ for the first time. They were so anxious that they kept staring at their scripts and while talking they even screwed up sometimes, Ah Mei couldn’t help smiling secretly when she saw this.Ah Mei who is recently leaving a secretive life, goes for recording everyday, play with dogs and her niece, isolated until her friends wonder if she had vanished into thin air, her manager also feel that she seems to be suffering from autism; hence Ah Mei told S.H.E, “Didn’t accept interviews for so long, the first time is given to you girls.” S.H.E also shouted to fans that miss Ah Mei, “She didn’t disappear! Now she is at our FM S.H.E’s program.”S.H.E who loves to go KTV to sing said, Ah Mei’s songs are always on their list, “Selina even got 92 marks for imitating Ah Mei’s singing and voice change.” Ah Mei on the other hand said she seldom goes to KTV, Ella smiled when she heard this, “Who dare to sing after you started?” However Ah Mei also revealed that once she went to KTV with Jiang Hui and they had a great time, they even sang each other’s song; after hearing it S.H.E said enviously, “Those people present are very lucky! Hearing two divas singing is a pleasure.” However they also asked Ah Mei curiously, “Then did second sister sing your Bad Boy?”Selina who viewed Ah Mei as her idol of course did not let the chance of singing with her slip by when she saw her idol’s arrival. In order to help their good sister fulfil her wish Ella and Hebe hoped that Ah Mei can sing a part of Jiang Hui’s ‘Jia Hou’ with Selina after the KTV question. The generously Ah Mei immediately opened her vocal; Selina also followed happily and fulfilled her wish.Ah Mei and S.H.E are dog lovers; they can’t stop when they started talking about dogs. Ah Mei has two Golden Retriever at home, two Toy Poodle, she even shocked everyone by saying, “The eldest ‘Master Zhang’ recently came out of the closet!” S.H.E got a shock after hearing it, Ah Mei explained, “Among the four dogs, I dote on Master Zhang the most, it has single eyelid, although it’s a boy but its actions and eating style is like a lady, its character is also very gentle, I feel that it should be gay.” S.H.E laughed and said, “So it’s your dog son who came out of the closet.”Ah Mei who is currently preparing for her Japan concert also shared her most frightening singing experience. She remembered that there was once she had an outdoor concert which involve ticket sales at Guangzhou on the eve of typhoon, the weather condition was very bad, “Not only did it rained heavily with thunder, the wind was also so strong that the scene beside the stage had to be taken down. While singing halfway, the instruments one by one had no sound because of electricity trip, the only sound left was my microphone, and hence all the musicians and harmonizers stood in front of the stage and clapped their hands for rhythm. After singing three songs without music I asked everyone to go home quickly to avoid danger.”The one hour interview ended very quickly, S.H.E and Ah Mei had a great time chatting, Selina even invited Ah Mei generously out for singing, however because Ah Mei had to practice for the concert, she had to reject S.H.E’s offer, she can only tell them with regrets, “Next time you girls want to go KTV have to look for me!”
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Saturday, 13 September 2008

S.H.E Celebrated 7th Year Anniversary , Selina Led Everyone to Tears, Friday September 12, 2008 Taiwan

September 11 was the anniversary date for S.H.E. To celebrate with the fans who had been with them throughout their journey, the record company specially chose to hold a birthday party at McDonald’s at 9:11 pm. Other than eating and drinking, the fans were also invited to party overnight so that the special day of 9/11 would become even more memorable.This year was the 7th year since the formation of S.H.E. Today’s activities started off with a children’s version of S.H.E, three little girls who were really seven years old and dressed in similar outfits as S.H.E wore for [Miss Universe], their first release of the new album. When the music started, the three “cute” version of little S.H.E jumped onto the stage and danced the popping moves from the MV. After the performance, the adult version came out to start the celebration. The little S.H.E also presented flowers and kisses to wish S.H.E a happy birthday. The record company presented a birthday cake. Everyone sang happy birthday together, not only for S.H.E but also for the fans whose birthday was 9/11 as well.On this 7th birthday, the trio made their birthday wishes and co-incidentally all three had made the same wish of hoping to get married and start a family soon. This was the first time S.H.E publicly expressed that they wished to get marry. Was it because they all have found their other half? The trio indicated that they have reached a marriageable age therefore they hoped to get marry. When asked about their criteria for their other half, Ella indicated that this person must be considerate (thoughtful), humorous and talented. Earlier Selina admitted that she was introduced (matchmaking) to a lawyer. Were the two really dating? Selina kept the answer to herself and only smiled in response. As for Ella whose relationships were frequently mentioned at her expense lately, when asked whether she would be wary of the next relationship because of the past unsuccessful relationships with someone from showbiz. Ella lightly said: “Oh, ever since my fall last time, I now take each step very carefully” Looked like Ella was truly tired of being used this way.Thinking back to the times during these seven years, the trio each had their own feelings. When speaking of what gave each of them the deepest impression, Ella felt that realizing the dream of giving a large-scale concert was something that left a deep impression. Selina’s graduation ceremony was also memorable. When thinking of the time when she was a student-singer, going to classes and doing performances at the same time, not only was unable to coordinate with the filming schedule but was also a topic of discussion among classmates in school, Hebe and Ella came to sing the school anthem with Selina on graduation day…when thinking back to that time, Selina who was most prone to tears, starting to cry again. The time when Ella was injured from falling a three-storey building was another one that they found unforgettable.The highlight for today was when Selina brought out her secret presents. Moved by the content written on the cards, all three of them sobbed uncontrollably. The most adorable was Selina who made the cards herself. As she was just bringing the cards out and had not even started to read it yet, she started crying already. It turned out that Selina, in order to give a surprise to her two laopos, secretly created the cards and wrote the contents overnight until four in the morning. She printed two copies of a photograph of the three of them together and used them as the cards. On the cards were her memories of their journey throughout the years. She cried as she read. The touching yet humorous writings also caused her two laopos to tear up as well. Selina’s cards even made the staff on hand and all the fans laughed and cried at the same time. The whole birthday event was very successful with both tears and laughter.
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With A View to Kill , Ella Dazzles While Surfing, Wednesday September 10 , 2008 Taiwan

Among SHE, ELLA might have been understated all along for being less dainty than Selina or Hebe. However in a recent new song’s MV, a photo of ELLA leaning forward while surfing sets to change this mindset and revealed that ELLA is actually very well-endowed.In addition to widespread news on ELLA’s breakup that resulted in her crying while recording SHE’s new song – “Highway Exit By The Sea”, ELLA also had many crying scenes in the said MV.It was unknown if ELLA was crying for real while filming the MV, but she was seen crying devastatedly and shouting almost uncontrollably in the MV. Fortunately, other than the break-down scenes, the director also arranged surfing scenes. ELLA donned a tank top with low neckline and shorts, while surfing merrily. As ELLA leaned forward on the surfboard, her alluring figure was instantly revealed and everyone was wide-eyed and pleasantly surprised. So, ELLA is indeed well-endowed.Eddie Peng – Stitches on FootIn addition, the director arranged for Jolin Tsai’s rumoured boyfriend, Eddie Peng Yu Yan, to make a guest appearance in the MV. However the unlucky Peng stepped onto a coral the moment his foot landed into the sea. As a result he had to take an injection to prevent tetanus infection and could only watch ELLA surfing from the shore. Peng was envious when he watched ELLA surfing excitedly.
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Selina Angry Rumours, Revealed Her New Home, Thursday September 11, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E's Selina again has bumped into "Next Magazine" that photographed her with a lawyer friend meeting together, expressed directly that the two have changed to "underground relationship", October S.H.E is pre-celebrating for their online site of Hit FM radio station, Selina clarified she and Zhang Cheng Zhong are friends, but as for Next Magazine revealed her new home, she's angry, directly saying: "Because in the past our home was revealed, we were disturbed by crazy fans, now that I live on my own, my parents will be even more worried of my safety."And yesterday when Ella was entering Hit FM's door, because it's slippery from the rain, fell a step, because the fall was to hard, she couldn't get up because of all the pain, the staff helped her get up, the pant were wet, left elbow was scraped, and she couldn't even lift it up, foolishly looking: "I'm a master athlete, how could I fall that badly!"She and Chen Xi's past relationship was also the main focus at Chen Xi's album release press conference, Ella low keyed says she doesn't want to discuss it, thanks to her best friend Hebe not wanting to see her being used, directly spoke: "Well since economics is not doing well, it doesn't cost anything to consume Ella, of course everyone will consume ah!"

Saturday, 16 August 2008

S.H.E Encountered Jackie Chan & Family At the Olympics, Asked by Chris Rock Which one is Future Daughter in Law, Thurday August 14, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E were invited to the Olympic Opening Ceremony and encountered superstar Jackie Chan there. They even saw the family of Jackie, Joan Lin and Jaycee Chan warmly watching the Olympics in the VIP section that was reserved for Jackie Chan. Chris Rock who co-starred with Jackie Chan in the [Rush Hour] movies was also present. When he saw S.H.E, he even asked: [Is one of you Jaycee’s girlfriend?] To which the trio quickly denied and clarified: [No no, we are not!]S.H.E discovered that Jackie Chan had brought a professional caliber camera to take pictures of the Opening Ceremony. The trio was stunned to see the super large zoom lens. [Our fists were not even as big as this lens!] In comparison to their little point-and-shoot camera, Jackie said directly to them: [Why don’t I chose a couple of the good pictures I took and mail them to you.] The trio was overjoyed and exclaimed that Jackie Chan was just too nice. After the Opening Ceremony ended, Jackie Chan also demonstrated the manner of a super star and invite S.H.E & their family members to join him for a meal. During the meal, Selina’s parents had most affinity with Joan Lin in talking about their respective children. At the scene, there were even Karaoke equipments. Jackie Chan immediately requested S.H.E to sing their signature song {Chinese Words}. As the trio performed enthusiastically, they discovered that Jackie Chan had sang along with them the entire song. After they returned to Taiwan, the trio bragged to everyone that: [Jackie Chan is really good singing {Chinese Words}.] .
translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
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Wednesday, 13 August 2008

S.H.E had goosebumps watching Olympic Opening Ceremony, Monday August 11, 2008 Taiwan

Watching the Olympics Opening CeremonyS.H.E Had Goosebumps All Night[2008.08.11 Apple Daily]Earlier S.H.E brought Selina’s parents and Ella’s second sister to Beijing and attended the Olympics Opening Ceremony together. They kept exclaiming [This is so astonishing], [That is incredibly spectacular], [I had goosebumps the whole night] as they watched. Even superstar Andy Lau turned into a tourist and kept taking pictures in front of the various Olympics venues.Andy Lau Kept Taking PicturesOn August 8, the day of the Opening Ceremony, S.H.E and their group lined up with others for security checks before entering the building. Because there were too many people wanting to take pictures with them, Selina’s father and Ella’s second sister had to act as personal bodyguards for them. When they arrived to their seats, they found on each seat an “Olympics Blessing Gift Bag” that included a flashlight, a shakedrum, a scarf and Olympic rings, etc. They jumped up and down and sang in their seats, yelling [Satay] when the Singaporean athletes entered the stadium and yelling [German Pork’s Feet] and [Beer] when the German athletes entered the stadium. Because Selina’s father’s birthday was on August 4 and the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony was on August 8, the purpose of this trip other than to fulfill a filial duty, it was also like a second honeymoon for Selina’s parents.Because Andy Lau performed in the Opening Ceremony, he was honored to be at the [Bird’s Nest]. He arrived early for rehearsal on August 5 and like a tourist, took pictures in front of the [Bird’s Nest] and the National Aquatic Center. With regards to be able to participate in this great ceremony, he said: [It is fairly worthwhile, especially to be able to stand at the scene and watch the entirety of Li Ning running in space to finish the torch lighting ceremony. That was so admirable.]
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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

S.H.E Playing While Performing in Jakarta, Monday July 4 , 2008 Taiwan

Currently S.H.E were concentrating all their efforts for their new album so that it can be released before the end of the summer holidays. However last Saturday, the trio took a brief break and went to Indonesia to perform in Jakarta. Ella who was recently rumored to be in a new romantic relationship was in a very good mood. She even used the excuse of [Indonesia is very close to Bali] to insist on bringing her swimsuit and played in the water, tried her hands at playing pool and even enthusiastically acted as the professional photographer in recording memorable moments of the performance for her [wives]. It felt as relaxed as if they were on vacation.In southeast Asia, S.H.E are red-hot popular but it was not until last Saturday that the trio came to Jakarta in Indonesia for their first performance. They were passionately supported by the local fans. No matter where they went, there were large groups of [star chasers] following them closely. This limited them to do their sightseeing only within the hotel. However, Ella had always been very energetic. So she with her camera was all over the place to take pictures of her [wives] in keeping with her resolve to become a [blog expert]. No matter where she went, she would take pictures and keep records of the beautiful images of her [wives] before and after the performance.In the hands of Ella, the [professional photographer], not only Hebe changed her hairstyle to a modern yet fashionable short haircut and posed attractively in front of the concert stage prop, Selina also let down her long hair and biting sexily a stem of white rose to portray an adorable flamingo dancer with a come-hither look in her eyes. Even after the performance had ended, the trio continued to sit on the stage with their microphones, sang to themselves without any music accompaniment and played around. This was described by Ella as [wanting to sing even if it is with their last breath]. It looked as if the recent two months of intensive concentrated recording sessions really bored the three of them to the utmost.Looking extremely energetic, Ella’s mood seemed not to be affected by the recent romantic rumors with Baron Chan. Even going to do a performance in Jakarta, she embraced the South Seas ambience with a [purely vacationing] frame of mind. Not only was she dressed incredibly summery in her tank top, short shorts and flip-flops but the water-sports lover that she is even insisted on bringing her swimsuit. She used the 10 minutes of spare time right after the end of rehearsal to go into the water for [heat relief] and left some healthy and refreshing poolside pictures. She laughed happily: “It is summer. Going into the water is a must. Particularly since Jakarta is so close to Bali. I really want to swim.]Last night the trio returned to Taiwan and must continue to work on the final post-production of their new album. They hoped that the new album can be released before the summer holiday ends. However to prevent what had happened to the previous album which was having the song list and music leaked before release and resulted in opportunities for illegal downloads, the content and production information of this album are being kept in high confidentiality. Only the three of them, the song producers and the CEO of HIM had heard the whole album. They are determined that the new music style and new break-through will give all their fans a big surprise.

Thursday, 31 July 2008

Ella Encounters Hovering Shadow Prays for Guan Yu’s Divine Protection, Wednesday July 30 , 2008 Taiwan

[2008.07.30] Ella Encounters Hovering Shadow Prays for Guan Yu’s Divine ProtectionHell’s Gate will not open until day after tomorrow but Ella had already experienced a ghostly encounter! In the beginning of the month, she was in the recording studio recording for the new album. At the time there were only her and the recording engineer but she saw a black shadow hovered fleetingly in front of her eyes. She was so scared that she mumbled to herself: [I will be good, I will be serious in the singing.] Earlier, S.H.E who always encountered strange events during Hell Month, had already went to Xingtian temple to worship and perform the soul-recalling ritual and pray for peace and good fortune during this year’s Hell Month.Selina Had Strange DreamIn the last few years, Ella had twice encountered misfortune on the day the Hell’s Gate opened, including the spinal injury from jumping out a building while on location shooting a segment for [Happy Sunday] 5 years ago and having to cancel her work due to the stomach flu the year before last. Because of this, last year HIM simply let the trio have a three-day [Hell Month vacation]. But this year, they will be working away from Taiwan, so they made a special trip to the temple to pray for safety. However, other than Ella’s scary encounter of the black shadow, Selina also had a strange dream. In the dream, she was kissing her sister but her sister’s body was floating in mid-air.The day when S.H.E went to worship coincided with the festivities of Xingtian Temple welcoming the divine birthday of Guan Yu, God of Chivalry. The mischievous Ella even spoke some congratulatory words to Guan Yu: [I just finished watching {Red Cliff}, you (Guan Yu) are very handsome in the movie!]

Sunday, 6 July 2008

Ella does sexy dance on her birthday party, Tuesday July 1 ,2008 Taiwan

[2008.07.01] Ella Does Sexy Dance On Her Birthday PartyEvery year, Selina of S.H.E would throw a theme party for her birthday. Originally Ella was also planning to throw a “Hotel” themed birthday party but after consideration, she decided to do it on a more low-key scale instead.To prove that she has what it takes to be startlingly sexy herself, Ella dressed up meticulously that evening. Wearing a little black dress, carrying a red LV Epi Speedy bag and with a pair of 7-8cm high heels on her feet, she emanated the sense of a lightly mature lady from head to foot, a far cry from the androgynous way that she normally looked.Party Losing Control with Sexy DancingAt eight o’clock in the evening of June 17th, [Time Weekly] witnessed S.H.E with their friends and relatives appearing at the Wen Cheng Thai Restaurant located at Fu Sheng North Road to celebrate Ella’s birthday one day ahead. Perhaps because they are old customers, the restaurant was especially protective of Ella’s privacy. They pulled down window blinds and turned away other customers. However, the birthday girl, Ella, seemed to be in a very good mood. Even though reporters arrived, she was still smiling widely with a friendly attitude and even generously told her assistant to bring out pieces of cake for the reporters.With the presence of the three gregarious and active little girls of S.H.E, this birthday party which was supposed to emphasize warmth (of family and friendship) started to lose control soon after and became very crazy. When the music came on, everyone pressed for Ella to do a sexy dance but Ella refused to do it alone and dragged Hebe and Selina to the stage to perform together. Later, one of Ella’s friends who is a violin teacher went on stage to perform a violin duet. She (Ella) was so high with excitement that she jumped on stage and played along; it was just that the sound that came out from her playing the violin sounded like pigs being killed and made everyone fell off their chairs laughing.Because of Ella’s good relationships with everyone, all her friends and relatives put in much thought to prepare birthday presents for her, giving her a bountiful harvest that night. Selina knew that Ella had wanted a Rimova metallic suitcase because did not buy it due to its high price. A few days ago, Selina purposely purchased one and used the unusual method of having it mailed to Ella’s house as a birthday present. Hebe went online and bought a veggie and fruit juicer with 3 horsepower for Ella who is focused on maintaining good health. But this juicer is currently out of stock and Ella may not be able to receive it until at least July.Not Use to High Heels YetThe group did not leave the restaurant until nearly 10 o’clock. As S.H.E walked out the restaurant front door, they posed for photographers from this publication in a normal manner. As soon as Ella saw the reporter, she immediately exclaimed: [Don’t I look beautiful today? Make sure your photos make us look better!] Obviously she was very satisfied with the feminine way she was dressed. It was just that not used to wear high-heeled shoes normally, she was still not very natural when she walked and had prepared a second pair of flat-heeled shoes to change into. It truly was hard being a woman!After the dinner party, everyone still wanted to continue, so they all rushed over to SOGO Cash Box Karaoke for the next round. The whole group partied and sang past midnight and still had not left. Ella passed her 27th birthday in the party room of Cash Box. According to sources, the total cost of the evening, including the dinner party and the karaoke, was close to NTW$30,000, all paid by Ella the birthday girl. The Gemini Ella was truly quite generous.According to Ella’s good friend, in comparison to the crazy birthday parties of the past, this year she already was particularly restrained. It was because two days before her birthday, she visited a Homeless Animal Shelter in Gongliu and came back with much to think about. As a dog-lover, Ella had donated all of the NTW $1.3 million proceeds from the [Qiang Qiang Memorial EP], only to realize that the amount could only improve the tip of the iceberg. She saw that the only way to gather enough resources for saving more helpless lives is to spend money only on what is truly necessary and appealed to everyone to work together.Hoping to Meet a Good ManSpeaking of this year’s birthday wishes, Ella’s good friend indicated, during the birthday party the wish that she made was: [Hope to meet a good man.] She seemed to believe that the reason behind her relationships failing each time was because she was too “man”. Therefore she wanted to change to a “ladylike style” and hoped that would increase her female hormones to entice good prospects. On her way toward becoming a lightly mature lady, Ella began to wish for an ordinary lifestyle. In order to achieve the super goal of “meeting a good man who knows how to give for the sake of love”, she is working hard to change herself. She said to her good friend privately: [At least in outer appearance, I must look like a girl. Otherwise, I really won’t ever be able to get married.] She who was always dressed androgynously in the past, now, whenever she goes shopping would buy dresses and high-heel shoes. Even her friends around her noticed in surprise: [Ella is really starting to change her ways!]
translated by : wyn0602 of CEF
Ccredits : CEFC and miolife

Friday, 20 June 2008

Making Donation Just Before Birthday, Ella does charity on behalf her beloved dog, Thursday June 19 , 2008

Ella celebrated her birthday the day before yesterday. The present she gave herself donating NTW $1.3M to the Homeless Animal Shelter in Gungliau on the behalf of Qiang Qiang, her beloved dog that passed away last year. She even sent an appeal to Terry Gou who fell in love with [Doggie].After her beloved pet passed away last year, Ella channeled her longing and her yearning into the [Qiang Qiang Memorial EP] for charity. This act received many of her friends’ participation and support. During the three months of limited release, the sale of the EP made a profit of $1 million dollars, plus $10,000 from digital downloading, $32,000 from charity auction of T-shirts and $168,000 from other charitable sale of the EP, altogether totaling $1.3 million dollars. On the day of the 18th, wearing a top that depicts a picture of Qiang Qiang. Ella braved the heavy rain to go to Gungliau.The trip, just going one way, took two hours. The mountainous route was so tortuous that Ella almost became carsick but when she arrived to the destination and saw the tail-wagging [Greeting Dog], her fatigue was immediately swept away. Without mask, gloves or apron, she crouched down to play with the dog. Seeing so many dogs, she sighed with a tinge of regret: [Qiang Qiang, you died too soon.]A famous dog food company touched by Ella’s efforts also donated 440 bags of feed that piled half way to the sky at the site. But when Ella asked, it turned out that this amount was only enough to feed the 700 dogs at the Shelter for 2, 3 days. So Ella appealed: [The richest man (Terry Gou) fell in love with a Doggie (nickname of Jiang Yi Rong), but here are many real doggies that need our help; President Ma has Ma Xiao Jiu at home, but here are also many of Ma Xiao Jiu’s friends. Everyone, please come together and help them.]Originally Ella had planned to have a wild birthday party but after this trip, she was even more convinced that money should be used for important matters, therefore at the last minute, she changed the party to a simple dinner gathering instead.translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

S.H.E went crazy , Transforms into an iron triangle in recording studio, Sunday June 15 , 2008

[2008.06.15] S.H.E Went Crazy, Transforms Into An Iron Triangle in Recording StudioRecently S.H.E went into the recording studio to formally start recording for their new album that is due to be released in the summer. The three of them exclaimed: “Very nervous. This time there is so much that we have accumulated and wanted to let out.” However, under HIM’s company policy, this album is viewed as a top secret project and will not be until July before disclosing any information….Everyone will just have to wait and see.During the recording sessions, producers Bing Wang, Ma Yufen and Yuan WeiRen worked S.H.E to the point of a breakdown. In order to ensure top quality, everything from the trio’s harmonization, ending note, solo to all other areas are all tightly controlled in the production process and in the sound mixing. Lu XiaoHan who is responsible for song arrangements can feel the trio’s understandings of each other in their music and laughed: “This will be the album with the longest recording and production time since S.H.E first entered the business!”Currently, Hebe, with the popularity she gained from Bull Fighting being aired in Hong Kong, frequently flew to Hong Kong to attended functions as well as endorsing an internationally well-known dental technology. As for Selina, she participated in the celebration dinner for her junior, Yoga Lin. Ella is busy composing new songs as well as preparing to be a grandmother to her canine son’s [baby].With regards to the new album release date clashing with that of Warner’s HeiSheHui MeiMei, it is inevitable that there will be comparison between the two groups. Fans are already having heated discussions at PPT and various Baidu forums in Mainland China. HIM’s response: “Everyone, please just anticipate the S.H.E new album this year. No comment on anything else.”

Saturday, 24 May 2008

"Bull Fighting" Mike and Hebe Hong Kong Promotion, Saturday May 24, 2008 Taiwan

Mike He and Hebe Tian yesterday went to Hong Kong to promote Bull Fighting. Hebe herself, has not made a public appearance in Hong Kong for almost 1 year. Thus, when the two arrived at Hong Kong airport, they were immediately surrounded by screaming fans. It took almost half an hour for them to get from the airport to their awaiting car, proving their high popularity.Idol drama “Bull Fighting” with the high popularity of Mike, Hebe and Lee Wei has successfully attracted attention in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Australia etc, and the broadcasting network earned a massive TW$40,000,000 from overseas. From the 19th , “Bull Fighting” is airing every Saturday in Hong Kong. Hence, TVB invited the two leads to Hong Kong for 3 days and 2 nights to participate in 15 promotional activities. Promising a high standard of hospitality, Hebe and Mike’s entourage, make-up artist and manager alone were given 6 people to look after them. TVB also booked the entire hotel to prevent outsiders from entering, reflecting the importance of the two.When Mike and Hebe emerged from the airport, they were immediately surrounded by awaiting fans. The two had 10 body guards to protect them, and it took them more than 20 minutes to get to their car. Hebe smiled and said: “The fans in Hong Kong are like the weather, very passionate.”In order to participate in this promotional trip, Mike and Hebe had to get up extremely early in the morning; due to an allergy reaction on Mike’s face, he did not put on any make-up. Mike said: “I don’t know why but a few days earlier, I got an allergy reaction, my make-up artist wishes for my skin to rest so she insists I do not put make-up on.” However the high status him, even when he goes to the toilet, there are swarms of female fans waiting outside the toilet for him!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

HIM Record Company singers make effort: sing single ‘A Better World’ <比較美好的世界> together, Monday May 19, 2008 Taiwan

Ella (starting with front row left), Hebe, Selina in front of Arron Yan, Jiro Wang and Calvin Chen sing in together 'A Better World' <比較美好的世界>.Tank (middle) and Shing Guang Bang's Judy Chou (starting right, going clockwise), Stanly Shu, Yazi, Charks An sing together again. In order to assist in relieving the disaster in Sichuan, HIM record company singers Power Station, SHE, Tank, Fahrenheit, Yoga Lin, Judy Chou, Peter Pan, Stanly Shu, Charks An and Yazi, went to the recording studio on the night of the 18th to sing 'A Better World' <比較美好的世界>. HIM also announced that all celebrities and workers will together for the first step gather and contribute $5 million towards disaster relief and donate all profit produced by the single. Selina's ancestral home is in Sichuan, after the earthquake happened, family members immediately contacted relatives and friends in Sichuan, fortunately, all was well. But the sensible Selina, upon seeing the news, was red in the eyes, she said: 'We should use motion to encourage others, if you have money, give money, if you have strength, give strength, bit by bit, everything will accumulate and turn into a very big strength.' Yoga Lin is in the process of preparing for his own concert this Saturday and is making finishing touches. But on the night before last, he suddenly took time out of his busy schedule of rehearsing to make time to join the recording of the single.

Pop Idols Give Money and Message of Hope, Saturday May 17, 2008 China

Almost immediately after Hong Kong's stars made donations to the earthquake victims in Sichuan Province, celebrities in Taiwan also opened their wallets. Popular Taiwanese idol group S.H.E made their second donation on Thursday morning while attending a commercial event in Shanghai.The group is named after the initial of three members - Selina, Hebe and Ella. They have a lot of teenaged fans on the Chinese mainland and perform frequently.The shoe brand which sponsors them made a donation of 20 million yuan (US$2.86 million) and the three young women contributed 600,000 yuan, as well as an earlier donation of 600,000."We don't have as much as 20 million but we want to make our contributions," said member Ella, who is frightened of earthquakes and has experienced one in Taiwan."We want to try our best to encourage and support the area. We experienced the September 21 earthquake in Taiwan in 1999 and the most important thing is not to give up hope."Back then in Taiwan, they rescued a little boy one week after the earthquake."

Monday, 19 May 2008

"Send Out Your Love" disaster charity show, Jay Chou, S.H.E. and over 100 celebrities respond, Sunday May 18, 2008 Taiwan

Everyone around the world is paying attention to the massive earthquake at Sichuan, CTV, Ctitv, the Taipei Agent Association and the Taiwan Red Cross are working together to broadcast live the "Send Out Your Love" fundraising disaster relief show on the 18th of May, it will be presented by Zhang Xiao Yan, Zhang Fei, Jacky Wu, Shen Chun Hua, Cai Kang Yong and broadcaster Sally Wu from Phoenix Television, Jay Chou, Jolin Tsai, S.H.E., Jiang Hui and over 100 celebrities will be joining in.According to people involved, President Ma Ying Jiu, Zhou Mei Qing will appear on the night to appeal to everyone to show your love to the victims at Sichuan.CTV and the others held the press conference on the 16th in the afternoon for "Send Out Your Love", Zhang Xiao Yan, Zhang Fei, Shen Chun Hua, Cai Kang Yong, Jay Chou, S.H.E., broadcaster Zhang Ya Qin, the chairman of the Taipei Agent Association Wang Xiang Ji, the secretary of the Taiwan Red Cross Chen Shi Kui and the Taiwan head producer of Hong Kong Phoenix Television Su Jing Fen all attended.Zhang Xiao Yan said, "Watching the news, every mother crying for their own children, each child crying for their own parents, we can understand their feelings as we experienced the 921 earthquake, thus we need to support the victims and reduce their pain, we also have to offer substantive support".Zhang Fei expressed that originally on the day he and his parents were going to take their yearly trip around the islands, but his parents wanted him to put the fundraising event in first place; being able to gather the energy from the entertainment circle and send out the love and warmth, this presenting job is a holy mission.Jay Chou, whose already donated 500,000 yuan expressed that this is not the time to be gossipy, the power of the media is very big, this show is a very positive event, he hopes the media can give a lot of coverage to this kind-hearted event.S.H.E. said, Taiwan has experienced the pain of 921 earthquake, everyone must stand out and offer the Sichuan victims a bit of strength, this show is but a small one, the road ahead is still very long. Besides this, HIM records have mobilized their artists and recorded a charity song "A Better World", they hope they can comfort the pain of the victims.CTV expressed that there are over 100 celebrities participating in the show, including Jay Chou, Leehom Wang, Stanley Huang, Jolin Tsai, Jiang Hui, S.H.E., Angela Chang, Elva Hsiao, F.I.R., Vivian Hsu, Tao Ching Ying, Xiao S, Aska Yang, Yoga Lin, Jam Xiao, Patty Hou, Blackie's Teenage Club, Bang Bang Tang, etc...CTV will broadcast it on the night of 18th at 7:30 until 11:30, Ctitv Variety Channel will broadcast from 7:30 to 10:30 on the night; apart from CTV and Ctitv, Hong Kong Phoenix Television, Sichuan Chengdu channel will also be broadcasting it together.

Friday, 2 May 2008

Fans teamed up and present gift, Ella and Wu Zun forced by photoshop to play kissing games, Friday May 2, 2008 Taiwan

Ella and Wu Zun has become the best on screen partner, collaborated again to endorse a sports drink together. Both of them also praised each other, by agreeing that their working chemistry with each other is the best so far, and their fans also hoped that the both of them would be together. When they were drinking the drink on the stage, the fans below starting chanting for a nuptial wine. Ella joked and said, "this is absurd!
Ella said that fans were too engrossed while watching Hana Kimi, and have always been hoping that Wu Zun and her are dating. Yesterday, the bouquet of flowers that fans sent,on the card, it was addressed to "ZunHua couple" (Ella name is Chen Jia Hua), and in addition, they were given a photoshopped picture of the both of them kissing. When Wu Zun looked at it, he laughed and said, "The background is also in Brunei!" After careful comparison, she said, "This is obviously during Hebe's birthday, the picture which i kissed her mah!" causing the both of them to be unsure of whether they should laugh or cry.Previously being reported in a gossip magazine pertaining to Chun's close relationship with a male assitant, Ella stood up for Chun and refuted, "This is too outrageous, baseless rumour!" She said that as long as you know Chun, you will know that he likes girls. But she changed ths subject and told Chun, "Please remember to draw the curtains in future when you're changing out of your clothes, otherwise the media is forever publishing that 2 very large breasts of yours." Chun immediately replied, "Normally, when i'm playing basketball, and change out of my clothes, i don't have to cover up, it doesn't matter what!" The moment Ella heard that, she laughed and said, "The Wu Zun now knows how to retort back already!"

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Jolin S.H.E. Drinks in Beijing, Monday April 14, 2008 Beijing

Jolin Tsai & S.H.E's alcohol level is better than many, on the evening of 12th attended a Beijing music awards ceremony's celebration party, Jolin drank consecutively 2 cups of strong alcohol that had alcohol level as high as Red Star Erguotou (52-60%), laughing saying the throat feels like it's bit cooked, the rest no feeling; after S.H.E had a few drinks, from jade girls became alcohol girls, drinking with Limingyi, as for the male representative there was Show Luo (Xiao Zhu), but because he was over exhausted from work, he didn't touch any alcohol, and also didn't interact with Selina that sat on the next table.

S.H.E was also a big standout at the celebration party, originally they had Coke replacing alcohol keeping the jade girl and group image, but after bumping into Limingyi she promoted how good the Red Star Erguotou was, the 3 immediately tried it, and taking turns toasting with Limingyi, the 3 got higher as they drank.Before the awards ceremony, Selina bought a height increasing shoes as a birthday present for Ella, making Ella did become 5cm taller, but Selina complained of her gaining weight, Hebe voluntarily spilled news that Selina is becoming more and more like the imitating natto bean of her in ctitv's "Master Mind 全民大悶鍋" program, Selina says in a girly way: "It should be he that is like me, how could it be me looking like him!"

Friday, 4 April 2008

Hebe Promoted to Mature Gal ~ Healthy Living Is First Step

Ella giving a kiss, Hebe seems a little helpless. Hebe getting a kiss from Selina, the expression seems more enjoying.
Earlier Hebe celebrated her 25th birthday, from now on she's entering the "mature" status, her good girlfriends Ella and Selina gave her big presents, making Hebe to yell: "you're not trying to pick me up are you?" As the age is maturing, she's decided to start a healthy lifestyle, hoping to be young and beautiful.Hebe celebrated her birthday on Mar 30, she only invited a few good friends to have dinner together, Ella and Selina together gave her a satellite navigation system GPS, looking at this present, Hebe laughed and said: "I feel a little humiliated." Since her usual driving areas are between her home, work office, hair or nail salon, so she wouldn't get lost. Giving Hebe congradulating words: "After a woman is 25, she'll be like a flower, after blossoming it'll gradually wither", were welcoming her in the "mature gal" group.Not only did Ella give her the GPS, the day earlier she paid for a little DKNY dress that Hebe liked as a present, and secretly asked a friend to design a poster and boarding of S.H.E together as a present for Hebe, once Hebe saw it, she was so touched that she couldn't laugh and ask Ella: "Does this mean you want to "ba" (pick up) me?"Lately Hebe is really into photography, received 3 cameras, whitening products and other different types of organic products, but did the ex-rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou give a present, Hebe didnt' answer. Hebe said, I have to start a healthy lifestyle, having fresh fruits and juices everyday, and during the evening to try to get good sleep between 10-2am "take care liver 養肝覺", but on the day of the birthday, they drank a few extra cups, she admitted: "got drunk 有宿醉".
Fan made clips of Hebe growing up:

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

S.H.E return to work after break , no stop earning money

S.H.E’s Hebe welcomed her 25th birthday today; this is S.H.E’s seventh year in the line! Yesterday when Hebe return to work with her two Laopos in Taipei for the shooting of a fast food ad, she sighed, “Time past really fast, I’m another year older.” Despite Hebe’s sigh, the 3 won the advertiser over with their energetic and healthy image and replaced idol LeeHom Wang and good friend Elva Hsiao as the endorser for China area, earning a handsome 8 digit figure into their pockets. Regarding the recent rumour of “Tie Xiong Nan”, the recording company once again said, “All of them are good friends, everyone is thinking too much.”After ending the approved leave from the recording company, S.H.E is back with a lot of busy schedules! Now they have accepted 2 shows as warm-up, they will be flying to China early next month to attend award ceremony and to shoot for a commercial as well. Regarding their new album, the trio and the company are still keeping mum about it, even HIM production director Shi Ren Cheng is not telling. From what is known, S.H.E are waiting for their good friends to return the songs that they have owed them, now Jay Chou and Shin of Mayday have submitted their creation. S.H.E are still persuading the rest of their friends, Selina have also asked Chen Han Dian who had worked with her in Kang Xi to act for their latest MV!Although they have not recorded any of their songs, some web in Mainland has already ‘released’ their next list of songs. Some of the songs included the theme song for fast food, shoes, Olympics and also ‘7 Zai’ which they had specially recorded for Stephen Chow’s ‘CJ7’. From here, we can see that fans are indeed waiting anxiously for S.H.E’s latest album. According to HIM’s plan for this year, April is for Liu Li Yang, May is One Million Star champion Yoga Lin, after that then is S.H.E’s turn. Previously the three expressed that they really want to rest and work with a big group of good friends to come up with a great album for all fans. As the plan have been postponed to summer break there is a big chance that they will clash with the other artistes who release their albums, regarding this S.H.E laughed and said, “We are not worried at all. We clashed with Stefanie Sun in 2003 and 2004; it’s actually very fun to attend activities together!”Their junior, Liu Li Yang will be going to Taiwan next month to release her album. S.H.E revealed that they will definitely attend her promos if they have the time because her voice is really special and she has a character of her own too. They even wished that her album will sell well and sent their encouragements. After ending their 3 weeks break, S.H.E will be back working through their packed schedules. Recently they have gone to the hospital to take some immunisation jabs and had a body check. They also urged everyone to take care of their bodies. S.H.E have also bought their families on a trip to Hualian, the trio who know how to enjoy life and share the enjoyment have indeed grown up a lot.S.H.E famous and earning:All their endorsements have slowly renewed their contract:DAPHNE ladies shoes, CASIO watch, China Mobile M-zone, Hydron Contact Lens, Yadi mobile cars, OKWAP mobile phone, Eastern Camel clothing, Jasmine Tea Drink, 7-11, sanitary napkins, Coca-Cola have renewed their contract, letting them earn a total of NT$180millionNew endorsements: MacDonald’s, Meng Niu Yogurt, Top Girl casual clothing earning a total of NT$52millionShows that they have attended before: New Year Countdown, CNY party, Yuan Xiao dinner, Dinner & Dance, concerts and shows earning a eight figure sum.New shows: Mazu Festival concert 2008 (4/4), Mainland Luoyang International Peony Festival concert (4/10) earning NT$7.2millionArtistes which they have asked for collaboration for new album: Jay Chou, LeeHom Wang, Shin of Mayday, Yuan Wei Ren, Kenji Wu, Fang Da Tong, TANK, Wu Bai, Zhang Xuan, etcArtistes that they have received works from: Jay Chou, Shin of MaydayThings that S.H.E have tried out: Singing, hosting, composing, endorsements, authors, dramas, dubbing, a total of 7 different things. Now the trio have movie scripts and drama scripts for them and the company have arranged for further discussion about it after they have released their album.
Source: HIM International

Extra Spicy Angels S.H.E. Spokesperson For Burger Meal

Idol group S.H.E. starting from the 2nd, will hotly represent Taiwan McDonald's "Extra Spicy Chicken Leg Hamburger", the first time challenging the style "Extra Spicy Angels". Dressed up in a really hot red skin tight leather top and pants is the first to challenge this level, it's extremely attracting.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

SHE Olympic Theme song

Friday, 28 March 2008

Parents All Travel Together S.H.E Teasing Each Other Happily Playing

S.H.E were originally 3 girls that have never met before and formed a group, each from different areas; North, Central and South the 3 families have also all become good friends; getting together for bbq, and going traveling together.
Selina is the princess of the family, Ren Ba, Ren Ma are also about 1/2 a celebrity, Ren Ba had also hosted a program before. Selina does not live with her parents anymore, Ren Ma's precious daughter often bringing the dog, and bringing her supplement food for health to her work, the really "tough guy" Ren Ba afraid showing a face of him doting his precious daughter, often waits in the car downstairs. This trip, Ren Ba & Ma rare to travel with their daughter, the old pair's loving gestures were envious to the others nearby.

Hebe Ba Ma are usually very low key, rarely appears at S.H.E's work environment, Hebe understands her parents' personality, and very protective of their privacy. This year Hebe's parents missed out on Ella's family spring bbq party, the record company staff went traveling, so this short trip to Hualien, the two can let go of taking care of the restaurant "Qing Tian" to Hebe's elder brother, happily traveling with their daughter.

Ella Ba Ma are just as warm as their daughter, loves to take care of others, even the fans that had nothing to do at the Pingtung old house have had the experience of the Chen family Ba Ma's warm treatment. During the new years bbq party, that's also famous across. This time Ella's parents are traveling together, their way of showing their love towards each other is teasing each other by mouth, making Ella not able to stand and yell: "If this continues, I hope this will not cause me to get another younger brother or sister?"

Friday, 21 March 2008

SHE Leads the Latest Fashion Trend with a Limited Edition Casio Baby-G Puppy’s Garden Series Watch each, Monday March 17, 2008 Taiwan

SHE’s popularity, charms and youthful energy is unparalleled and hence they have been the favourites of commercial endorsements. Since ousting Ariel Lin recently to become the latest spokespersons for Top Girl apparels, Casio Baby-G also renewed their contract with SHE. The very 1st range for promotion this season is the latest edition of very feminine appeal “Casio Baby-G Puppy’s Garden Series” watches.The official spokesman for Casio Taiwan expressed that, SHE, being their spokespersons for the year, love and keep dogs as pets, and the pets are intimate companions to many ladies and a strong source of emotional support too. This edition of Baby-G is specially targeted for ladies, with the understanding that they would like to keep their pets company at all times. Hence the 8th edition of the 2008 Springtime Puppy’s Garden Series is launched.

Thursday, 20 March 2008


Monday, 17 March 2008

S.H.E shooting commercial in Hainan, Sunday March 16 , 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E recently flew to "China's Hawaii" Hainan Sanya to shoot the 2nd series of commercials for a certain brand of yoghurt. Selina took the chance to bring her parents along to Sanya for a holiday. Selina said, "Last year when we flew there during winter to shoot the commercial, already felt that this place was too beautiful." Hebe like Ella also fell in love with self-photography, posting her own works on their blog are currently enjoying the privilege of having commercials to shoot for nonstop, coupled with various magazine interviews, feature articles, in addition to next week the Spanish media coming to interview them, the three shouted, "Even though we seem to be lying low recently, we're actually busy to death! This time coming to shoot the commercial it's also a chance for a holiday." Their new album has also lately seen no action, fans everywhere have been waiting till they are agitated, Hebe expressed, "Actually this album is still in the planning stages, trying to experiment a change in style, the company has been in contact with teacher Chen Sun Hua, we have been receiving songs due to us by our good friends! Was it rumoured boyfriend Jay Chou's new work? Hebe laughed impatiently, "He... it's a secret lah."In addition Ella is also considering several movies, the company and her are seriously choosing scripts, there are even scripts which require all three S.H.E members, HIM expressed, "The new album will be pushed out first, then we'll let them film movies and idol dramas." Selina and Zhong Tian are also coming out with a new programme, currently Zhong Tian is looking for a male host, they're considering Ethan Ruan, Ming Dao etc.

Sunday, 16 March 2008

S.H.E in 100% Entertainment (Hito Awards)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

Bonus-19 Minutes

Wednesday, 12 March 2008

S.H.E Morning Call

100% Entertaiment - 26 November 2006

Ella Big Building Plans ~ Neighbors Funny Asks to Borrow $10 Million Yuan

Just because we have building plans, then money has to be borrowed? You're Joking!

Ella taking advantage of a rare holiday, will do some redevelopment plans for the old Pingtung home. Ella previously afraid of her Grandpa being reluctant to build the new house out of the existing home, nervously she sought his opinion, and did not expect Grandpa agreed not only but was excited, then pulling along Ella's grandmother spread amongst the neighbors to tell the news, Ella laughing: "As a result neighbor Uncle Ami was very funny, actually told my Grandpa to come back to tell her to borrow 10 million yuan! "Ella planned for six years and finally she's able to fulfil her dreams, this year not only she is financially able to renovate the old Pingtung family home, also would like to change it to a unique bed & breakfast business. Days ago, she returned home with a designer to take a look at the environment, designers suggested that the building had no framework and if had to be changed it would cost money, it would be best to just knock it down, causing her to be a little disappointed, she said: " That house is where I grew up, there are many many memories…" Fortunately, the designers were humorous, and thought up of her famous song "You will always live in memories" and persuaded her to keep the beautiful memories of the house within your mind, then she was able to let it go.It's an important matter for Ella to rebuild the old home, her mother reminded her to make sure her grandfather agreed, originally she thought her Grandpa would disagree, did not expect the elderly had shining tears in response: "Of course it's good! From here to the back yard it belongs to us, you can construct as you like, no problem!" Ella later learned that many of her grandfather's friends depend on their descendants to renovate the old home to change into a new home, so ever since he has also hoped that his children and grandchildren would also do the same.

Since grandpa agreed to renovate the old home, he happily went around his neighbors to deliver the "good news", showing off the process there was also some funny situations, neighbor Uncle Ami heard Ella's pockets are full, jokingly asked her grandfather to ask her to borrow $10 million yuan, making Ella a bit embarassed and laughed. Even though she would like to let the family enjoy a better lifestyle is becoming true, but on the blog she disclosed that she's still looking for love, hoping "that" person will appear soon, making her life complete.

Monday, 10 March 2008

Hebe, Selina and Ella pose professionally with bowling balls, but skills are only so-so

S.H.E usually love to joke, often daring and audacious in their speech, this time they actually dared to challenge the boss of their own record company! Recently they went to Shanghai to promote, went to bowl during their free time, waged that the loser would do leapfrogs, never expected that HIM's General Manager He Yan Ling, with the poorest results, was punished to do 20 leapfrogs.That day those who participated in the great bowling challenge included 8 other HIM colleagues, hairstylist etc besides S.H.E. The rule of game was that the 3 persons with the lowest scores would be punished. Selina's had a poor first round, only scoring 60+ points (pinfalls?), on the spot discarding her artiste image, doing 20 leapfrogs in front of everyone.Actually the 3's skills are average, their scores range between 80 and 100, never expected that the GM scored even worse, only hitting 60+ points, actually the staff had wanted to accept the punishment on behalf of the GM, but she gamely insisted that those willing to bet had to be willing to lose, causing S.H.E to break out in cold sweat with shock.

Fillial Ella takes shot of self, Tokyo Tower & parents

S.H.E's Ella made use of her annual leave and brought her father, mother and eldest sister to Tokyo for a 5-day trip, to let her parents have a comfortable holiday, Ella splashed out on a high-class hotel, flew business class, spending $200,000 on plane tickets and accommodation alone. During the trip she also paid for all the bills, the trip was entirely a "filial holiday".Parents visited scenic spots, dutiful daughter became the tour guideThe entire trip was planned by Ella, she brought her parents to all the scenic spots including Tokyo Tower, Meiji Shrine, Hakoune Onsen Hot Spring, Mount Fuji etc, Ella who loved to go Japan said, "I've been to these places many times, but it's my parents' first visit there, so I became the competent tour guide."Didn't bring tripod, took a family portrait without asking for helpOn this rare occasion that her parents could go to Japan, Ella took pictures everywhere they went, she took on the role of official photographer, going the self-reliant route and completely not seeking help from passers-by. However as she was afraid her luggage would be too heavy, she did not bring her tripod along, as they wanted to take a family portrait whenever they came to a scenic spot, she had to go around looking for a suitable support to place her camera to complete the shoot, she laughed and said, "Over this trip, my self-photography skills have increased quite a bit!"Appearing as herself without disguise, did not encounter any incidentsIn front of Tokyo Tower, to get her parents and the Tower within the same frame, Ella totally discarded her star image, her whole person was sprawled on the ground, attracting the stares of passers-by, she joked, "They probably think I'm nuts!"As she was travelling with her parents and sister, during the whole trip Ella didn't encounter any incidents, appearing as herself, she didn't even put on any form of disguise such as hats, sunglasses etc, in fact it was her parents and sister who wore shades, causing the crew to ask, "Just who is the real artiste here?"

2008 Hito Pop Music Awards

Hito Male Singer - LeeHom Wang
Hito Female Singer - Jolin Tsai
Hito Female Group - S.H.E
Hito Male Group - Lollipop
Hito Rock Group - May Day
Hito Great Sound New Comer - One Million Stars (星光幫)
Hito Composer Singer - Jay Chou & LeeHom Wang
Hito K Female - Stephanie Suen (我怀念的)
Hito K Male - Gary Cao (背叛)
Hito Album - Khail Fong (Love Love Love)
Hito Producer - Stanley Huang (無神論)
Voted Most Popular New Comer - One Million Stars
Voted Most Popular Rock Group - May Day
Voted Most Popular Group - Fahrenheit
Voted Most Popular Composer Singer - Yida Huang
Voted Most Popular Female Singer - Stephanie Suen
Voted Most Popular Male Singer - Show Luo

Ella Sits on Lap Gives Kisses ~ TANK's Heart Can't Take It

S.H.E yesterday evening went south to Kaohsiung to attend the "2008 Hito Popular Music Awards" ceremony, getting the Female Group Award for 5 years in a row, S.H.E was extremely in a good mood, went out with the staff after to celebrate. During the celebration banquet TANK went for Ella for a kiss, Ella infront of the rumoured boyfriend Wu Zun played kissy with her younger brother, TANK hung around elder sis Ella was a bit overwhelmed by her spoiling says: "My heart attack is about to start!"Because TANK was on stage getting an award and expressed that Ella is the female artists he would like to kiss most. At the banquet Ella immediately sat on TANK's lap, the two immediately played kissy. Since the filming idol drama of "Hana Kimi" Ella was rumoured with rumoured boy friend Wu Zun; since he was present, reporters chased after him asking if he minded? Wu Zun was just embarassed and laughed saying: "Not really, Ella is like my younger bro, she would come to my room every night."
After everyone enjoyed the feast, Ella expressed she would really like to experience a hard core love relationship, and said: "From the start to entering the coffin, a woman will still want a love relationship." Selina also disclosed with "lawyer guy" is hard to develop, and since tempting for program "KangXi" the interaction with the show assistant Chen Han Dian has been attracting.Selina says: "Before I gave my number to him, and even said clearly don't like me, if you like me, I ignore you." So after that speech it's a small chance they'll be together, Selina was afraid of hurting Chen Han Dian, then explained: "Chen Han Dian is like my younger brother."

Friday, 7 March 2008

S.H.E New Bag In Topic

Ella ~ Buying a Gold colored bag for the first time

Selina ~ Prada new style little hand bag
Hebe ~ Vivien Westwood red hand bag

Ella's usual dress style is "handsome", the carried bags are usually very big and soft, very casual bags, which is suitable for her sporty style, but this time she has her eyes a golden colored bag from a South Korean brand called inch. Ella says: "The designer of this brand from S. Korea really likes to design gold colored bags, I don't know what crazy thing happend to me to actually for the first time to buy a gold colored bag, of course it's a little weird."This type of bag is about $30,000 it's Ella's newest product in hand, it's large size is practial for use. Before the most expensive bag Ella ever bought was just a $80,000 Chanel, but it was a present for her sister's birthday.
Selina's "New Stlye" is Prada's new spring style hand bag in pink costing about $20,000 NT."Pink Colored" is the focused word. Selina admits: "I can't resist to the color pink, also Prada in the past has never had such a cute bag before."The most expensive bag Selina has ever bought was a Bottega Veneta limited edition double sided stitch bag, costing about $70, 000.
Hebe's new bag, is the new style by Vivien Westwood in a red colored square shape。This square shaped red bag is about $20,000, red does not see to fit with Hebe's image, she says: "I actually really like red accessories, but it's usually red shoes, very few bags, but this time it's because I saw this style I like so I bought it."The most expensive Hebe bought earlier is a Bottega Veneta and YSL, both are about $70,000.

Ella Want to Sell Herself ~ Want to Be B&B Owner

Following after good sis Hebe investing in her brother's restaurant, Ella has the thought of becoming a female owner too, this year plans to invest about 10 million dollars to make one of Pintung's old empty house to become a bed and breakfasdt, she laughed: "Apart from the enjoyment of life, the other selling point is me of course." Since the whole family has moved to the new house, distance not far from the old house it's been empty, Ella had thoughts of changing it to a B&B long ago, "if one day I don't continue as an artist, would want to open a B&B to become an owner."It's becuase it's been so busy earlier, and worried that mom and dad would be too tiring, this dream has since been dragged, but it could be because of the influnece of Hebe's brother "Qing Tian" restaurant's successful encouragement; Ella's "B&B dream" finally can start making some actual developments.Ella says, already contacted designers to have them look at the house, she hopes to keep the exterior and style, but the rooms inside must be arranged in different styles, this is all out of her thoughts, having village style, modern style and so on, to give customers different feelings. She says, the old house is in the old hometown, there's village scenery, behind the house there a field, this can let customers feel leisurely and relax the "enjoyment of life" style.Of course changing to be a B&B is not easy, not only opening the doors for business, family and friends will also have a place to stay, once Hebe and Selina heard it, they loundly and excitedly reacted, hoping in the future they can also bring their family to Pingtung to play.Not worried of attracting fans bothering? Ella laughed: "Since most fans and my parents are familiar. And if they want to stay, there's still a fee." Becuase it's a B&B in a village earning a life it's another selling point.

SHE Earns NT$300m in a Year

The pop female group, SHE, has been in the entertainment industry for 7 years, and their popularity is still going strong. Despite many obstacles, their relationship remained steadfast and their earning capability also soared. Although they are daring on stage, their financial management style is just the opposite. They would use a small portion of their earnings to reward themselves and saved the rest. Hence each of them is a little rich missy.When one mentioned SHE, the impression would probably be 3 young girls (actually they are already in their 20s), bustling and energetic, even to the extent of being “a little crazy”. To share such a closely knitted relationship like them, one would think that they are probably friends since childhood.They have their different singing ideals and dreams when they first joined the singing competition, and when grouped together by the company after the show, they probably have some reservations towards each other. Yet the 3 girls with different family background, looks and personalities got along and their friendship blossomed within the short span of time they all stayed together in the hostel. Popular As EverSHE has been in the industry for 7 years already. When they released their 1st album, it coincided with the unfortunate 911 incident. Amidst all the sadness, they also thought that that would be their very 1st and last album. But yet, SHE remained popular till today. No disputes, no disband; they overcame moments of low in their emotions, and even the baseless political implications. SHE, is popular as ever.Just in 2007 alone, the estimated earnings of SHE is about NT$314m, with their endorsements for 15 advertisements in China & Taiwan. For 7 years running, SHE is no doubt the most popular female group in Asia, and hence, earning themselves the undisputable name of “No. 1 Female Group in the Chinese Entertainment Industry”.Each member of SHE is unique in their own ways. Selina is very girly, Ella is very suave, Hebe is in between. Their vocals also complemented each other, Ella with her low mellow vocal, Hebe with her high vocals, and Selina with her sweet medium range. Leaving Unhappiness BehindSHE won over the hearts of many fans right from their first album - “Girls’ Hostel”, with the song “Lian Ren Wei Man” (lit transl: Not Yet Lovers). They also led the trend to sing translated songs and showcased many composers in their recent albums. Their fan base comprises of males and females from all age groups. To add credit to their singing skills, SHE beat their seniors, Power Station, and won the Taiwan Golden Song Award for Best Group with the album, “Mei Li Xin Shi Jie” (lit transl: Beautiful New World).The biggest crisis for the group would be in 2003, when Ella suffered a spinal injury while filming for a variety programme, and subsequently a near-emotional breakdown. The cheerful girl was almost in tears throughout the whole period. Fortunately her sisters were around to support her and to help her leave the unhappiness behind.Selina said, “I keep telling Ella, she must not suppress her feelings before myself and Hebe. She must be honest to share with us as all 3 of us are in this together.” Since then, the company would give them all a month of rest annually.Encouraging Fans to Do Charity A baseless allegation of taking a political stand started with their song, “Chinese Language”, and all 3 girls were nearly involved in an uncalled for political upheaval. With SHE’s popularity; paparazzis are tailing them everywhere they go. But the 3 of them would just laugh the groundless rumours away. As long the photos are beautifully taken, they do not really care. Loud and a little crazy may be their screen image, but it is also how they behave in reality and the best way to relieve stress.Although they are always seen as merry and carefree, SHE also has a sentimental side. Since a long time back, they have already urged fans to stop giving them presents and to make donations to the charitable organisations instead. As a result, fans would end up sending them a big stack of receipts from charitable organisations now. Ella often says, “We are public figures and should take the chance to influence, encourage and lead our fans to do good.” Hence, she would join her friends to help out with the poor in the mountainous regions. She also dedicated a song, Qiang Qiang, for her late pug and donated all proceeds to the home for the strays.In 2007, SHE also visited India. In the dirty and smelly streets of the poor dwellers, it was surprising to see that SHE, who are used to being taken good care of, would even take the initiative to approach and even carry the kids on the streets. None of these were pre-arranged kids, nor poses meant before the camera. The princess-like Selina let the little India girls, full of admiration for her, put their hands around her waist and hug her; Hebe who often pride herself as one who does not shed tears easily also cried; while Ella, who was the most emotional, could hardly take a bite from her meal, as she recalled the contrasting disparity between them and the unfortunate people on the streets. Unity in StrengthWhen SHE first started out, they would produce an album once every half-year and their hectic lifestyle was like a spinning top at full force. Ella was once unable to adapt to such “fatigue”. However, now all 3 of them have matured and gotten used to such a lifestyle. Occasionally they would share that as young artistes, they have lost their youth, playtime and quality time with their family. Their hard work also bore sweet fruits. All 3 of them are seen often at the top of the charts for being highest earning artistes in recent years. Ella and Selina bought houses for their families, while Hebe rewarded herself with a long trip to England. All 3 of them have very prudent financial management concepts; spending a little, giving to their parents, and saving up the rest. Till now, even fans are already numbed to the rumours of them disbanding; SHE is still very much a group. They would call each other “Lao Po” affectionately and no one is trying to outshine each other, as they often says, "We are inseparable."