Friday, 25 January 2008

24/1/08 長江七號首映礼 S.H.E 演唱 "七仔"(Qi Zhai)

TTV/SETTV Idol Drama "Bull Fighting" Wraps Up

TTV/SETTV Idol Drama "Bull Fighting, Up To It?" had a wine celebration the previous night. Mike He, Hebe, LeeWei, Jian Chang, and Ke Huan all waited until the whole crew arrived. Mike He said, "During celebration time, inside my heart, I think the five different flavors all combine together, I am a bit happy inside, although I do feel a bit rejected and sad. The happy times are over, nobody wants to part without each other after working for a whole half ayear, I am really touched by what everyone has done. We are separating today, and I'm really dejected."After the celebration, Mike He plans to go out of country to rest; LeeWei had his schedule full during New Year, so now, he hopes to spend more time with his grandma; Hebe just never stops, she's already at the Mainland. Tomorrow (24th), she's attending the Movie "Chang Jiang Qi Hao" Beijing concert!To follow up, "Bull Fighting, Up To It?" had tons of products that featured the stars, and the book sold more than two million copies. When television first prodcasts a show, something moral-like is usually told; in this case, it was, "Ruo He wil lturn to Sheng Xue to get help for 'begging his mother." LeeWei said, "Do other TV shows display similar morals? Let's all take a look.""Bull Fighting, Up To It?" took half a year to film. Mike He went through SETTV's filming process, learning a lot from Director Liu Jun Jie, showing himself well onscreen; Hebe is where Director Liu worked the hardest. Hebe said, "The very first moment I met him, I told the director that I cannot play basketball, and I cannot cry. The director told me, 'No problem, let me take care of it, if there's any problem, just say so,' LeeWei commented, "She (Hebe) is my closest female actress in the cast, her acting is really natural."LeeWei has worked with Director Liu three times, and he hopes to work with him again. LeeWei and Hebe both said together at the same time, "Mike He could go act in another drama! He is Taiwan's greatest idol!" During the celebration, everyone was crazy about "Bull Fighting," and they all played a PK game. Hebe copied the director's actions for fun -- Hebe will be oing to the Mainland from Taiwan, she said, "in the Mainland, 'Bull Fighting, Up To It?' is really popular. When I visit, a lot of people call me, "Yi Sheng Xue!"After the celebration, everyone said goodbye, Hebe headed to the Mainland. Today, she attended the Movie "Change Jiang Qi Hao" Beijing concert. Mike is going out of country to take a break, and LeeWei will be spending more time with his grandma.

Monday, 21 January 2008

S.H.E chosen to sing song for Steven Chow's new movie, Tuesday January 15, 2008

According to LianHe Newspapers, Stephen Chow specially chose SHE to sing his new movie’s theme song, CJ7, as he was attracted by their bubbly and playfulness. SHE became the 1st Taiwanese singing group to work with him. To respect the movie company, HIM kept a low profile on this news. However SHE’s Cantonese song teacher-singer, Dai Pei Jia, revealed her experiences of recording with SHE on her blog. She praised SHE for learning fast and catching the Cantonese accent accurately. Fans who visited her blog shared this information and instantly many caught on the news. It was said that Stefanie Sun also wished to work with Stephen Chow, but yet SHE managed to seize the collaboration opportunity first. Sources revealed that the movie company approached SHE and they specially flew to Hong Kong to sing the theme song 《7仔》(literal translation: 7th Boy). This song is written based on the “outer space dog”. The song also had playful lyrics such as (literal translation), “7th boy, 7th boy, he likes everything… turn around and change his look, using his magical antenna, shining lights, every cells changed, hugging you tight, in my hands, flying around with 7th boy.” SHE sounded very mischievous in the song.

Friday, 18 January 2008

S.H.E and Fahrenheit in Mongolia

[17.1.08] FRH S.H.E playing in the snow; Wu Zun loves eating Peking Duck
The closeknit FRH and S.H.E have come together once again to shoot a yoghurt commercial, 5 million yuan of endorsement fees safely in their pockets! To have a deeper understanding of this new product, the 7 specially flew to Mongolia's factory in the morning to tour the production process, as they were informed that the weather was very cold, only around -20deg, everyone came well prepared with coats, scarves, gloves, even heating pads. However upon seeing the whole place covered with snow, they were so excited they forgot about the chill; after the tour, the brand company even specially prepared the prized "grassland abalone" for them to sample. Following that they caught flights to Beijing for work, Wu Zun who was hankering for the famous Peking roast duck, upon reaching the restaurant immediately ordered two ducks and ate them up in no time, and even ordered a third, no wonder he said with great satisfaction, "Beijing's good food gives us even more energy to make all our events!"
this is the clip of S.H.E and Fahrenheit visiting the factory in Mongolia

2007 2nd Chinese Wireless Music Awards Ceremony, Sunday January 13, 2008 Shanghai

The 2007 2nd Chinese Wireless Music Awards were held on January 13, 2008 night at the Shanghai Grand Stage. Awards were given out to the year's highest downloaded songs, highest downloaded singers, and most searched artists in conjunction with the music site

[2008.01.16] FRH "propose" to S.H.E on the spot, using "prebiotics"

Taiwan's red-hot idol star group Fahrenheit together propose to seniors S.H.E? S.H.E say "I Do" in front of more than 10 media groups? 15 January, at Beijing's Guang Xian Chuan Mei Yan Bo Grand Hall, Taiwan's foremost two hottest groups appeared, performing an interesting and unique endorsement activity.08 Meng Niu Yoghurt spokespersons S.H.EContinuing the promotions for "2Face", following the collaboration with seniors S.H.E sharing a bed and pyjama party in Xin Wo, these two heavyweight groups are walking closer, for the first time coming together to endorse well-known brand Meng Niu Yoghurt in China. The "proposal" scene described in this article, was specially crafted for this unique endorsement ceremony held by these two popular groups. At this event themed "One and only Meng Niu Yoghurt", S.H.E three sisters together with the handsome foursome from FRH, borrowing the undeniable magic of music and starpower, brought out the health and vigour that could be achieved from Meng Niu Yoghurt's "one and only" prebiotics.

Yoghurt spokespersons S.H.E and FRH being interviewed by the press"7 stars" pleasing "prebiotics""S.H.E, FRH, are you willing to always be youthful and energised?""I'm willing!""Regardless of the past, present or future, are you willing to never let go of health's hands?""I'm willing!""Are you willing to become the spokespersons of the "one and only" Meng Niu Yoghurt which contains prebiotics?""I'm willing!"At this unique "marriage" ceremony, the seven youthful idols from S.H.E and FRH, together tossed the "embroidered ball" to the "one and only" Meng Niu Yoghurt, promising to tirelessly promote this healthy Meng Niu Yoghurt drink which specially contains prebiotics, to push for health and vigour all the way! As for Meng Niu Yoghurt, the most well-known dairy producers in China, is using its exclusive prebiotics to endorse "green-ness" and health to all consumers.
Regarding this endorsement, S.H.E expressed that they really liked the lightness and energised feeling from the sour yet sweet taste of Meng Niu Yoghurt, this was very similar to their light-hearted and lively musical style, from packaging to taste it was all very special. Most importantly, this prebiotic-containing Meng Niu Yoghurt "green" health drink has been proven to be beneficial to one's health, so they feel that "not only are they endorsing a product", they are also promoting to all their fans and consumers "a lifestyle that is full of the energy of healthy living". The sports-loving member of FRH, Wu Zun, was even more experienced in choosing the right kind of beverages. He expressed, a healthy digestive system was an important factor towards maintaining the body's health and liveliness, the prebiotics exclusive to Meng Niu Yoghurt could help the intestines to exercise, "it is a health product that is worth recommending to people."