Friday, 20 June 2008

Making Donation Just Before Birthday, Ella does charity on behalf her beloved dog, Thursday June 19 , 2008

Ella celebrated her birthday the day before yesterday. The present she gave herself donating NTW $1.3M to the Homeless Animal Shelter in Gungliau on the behalf of Qiang Qiang, her beloved dog that passed away last year. She even sent an appeal to Terry Gou who fell in love with [Doggie].After her beloved pet passed away last year, Ella channeled her longing and her yearning into the [Qiang Qiang Memorial EP] for charity. This act received many of her friends’ participation and support. During the three months of limited release, the sale of the EP made a profit of $1 million dollars, plus $10,000 from digital downloading, $32,000 from charity auction of T-shirts and $168,000 from other charitable sale of the EP, altogether totaling $1.3 million dollars. On the day of the 18th, wearing a top that depicts a picture of Qiang Qiang. Ella braved the heavy rain to go to Gungliau.The trip, just going one way, took two hours. The mountainous route was so tortuous that Ella almost became carsick but when she arrived to the destination and saw the tail-wagging [Greeting Dog], her fatigue was immediately swept away. Without mask, gloves or apron, she crouched down to play with the dog. Seeing so many dogs, she sighed with a tinge of regret: [Qiang Qiang, you died too soon.]A famous dog food company touched by Ella’s efforts also donated 440 bags of feed that piled half way to the sky at the site. But when Ella asked, it turned out that this amount was only enough to feed the 700 dogs at the Shelter for 2, 3 days. So Ella appealed: [The richest man (Terry Gou) fell in love with a Doggie (nickname of Jiang Yi Rong), but here are many real doggies that need our help; President Ma has Ma Xiao Jiu at home, but here are also many of Ma Xiao Jiu’s friends. Everyone, please come together and help them.]Originally Ella had planned to have a wild birthday party but after this trip, she was even more convinced that money should be used for important matters, therefore at the last minute, she changed the party to a simple dinner gathering instead.translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

S.H.E went crazy , Transforms into an iron triangle in recording studio, Sunday June 15 , 2008

[2008.06.15] S.H.E Went Crazy, Transforms Into An Iron Triangle in Recording StudioRecently S.H.E went into the recording studio to formally start recording for their new album that is due to be released in the summer. The three of them exclaimed: “Very nervous. This time there is so much that we have accumulated and wanted to let out.” However, under HIM’s company policy, this album is viewed as a top secret project and will not be until July before disclosing any information….Everyone will just have to wait and see.During the recording sessions, producers Bing Wang, Ma Yufen and Yuan WeiRen worked S.H.E to the point of a breakdown. In order to ensure top quality, everything from the trio’s harmonization, ending note, solo to all other areas are all tightly controlled in the production process and in the sound mixing. Lu XiaoHan who is responsible for song arrangements can feel the trio’s understandings of each other in their music and laughed: “This will be the album with the longest recording and production time since S.H.E first entered the business!”Currently, Hebe, with the popularity she gained from Bull Fighting being aired in Hong Kong, frequently flew to Hong Kong to attended functions as well as endorsing an internationally well-known dental technology. As for Selina, she participated in the celebration dinner for her junior, Yoga Lin. Ella is busy composing new songs as well as preparing to be a grandmother to her canine son’s [baby].With regards to the new album release date clashing with that of Warner’s HeiSheHui MeiMei, it is inevitable that there will be comparison between the two groups. Fans are already having heated discussions at PPT and various Baidu forums in Mainland China. HIM’s response: “Everyone, please just anticipate the S.H.E new album this year. No comment on anything else.”