Saturday, 16 August 2008

S.H.E Encountered Jackie Chan & Family At the Olympics, Asked by Chris Rock Which one is Future Daughter in Law, Thurday August 14, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E were invited to the Olympic Opening Ceremony and encountered superstar Jackie Chan there. They even saw the family of Jackie, Joan Lin and Jaycee Chan warmly watching the Olympics in the VIP section that was reserved for Jackie Chan. Chris Rock who co-starred with Jackie Chan in the [Rush Hour] movies was also present. When he saw S.H.E, he even asked: [Is one of you Jaycee’s girlfriend?] To which the trio quickly denied and clarified: [No no, we are not!]S.H.E discovered that Jackie Chan had brought a professional caliber camera to take pictures of the Opening Ceremony. The trio was stunned to see the super large zoom lens. [Our fists were not even as big as this lens!] In comparison to their little point-and-shoot camera, Jackie said directly to them: [Why don’t I chose a couple of the good pictures I took and mail them to you.] The trio was overjoyed and exclaimed that Jackie Chan was just too nice. After the Opening Ceremony ended, Jackie Chan also demonstrated the manner of a super star and invite S.H.E & their family members to join him for a meal. During the meal, Selina’s parents had most affinity with Joan Lin in talking about their respective children. At the scene, there were even Karaoke equipments. Jackie Chan immediately requested S.H.E to sing their signature song {Chinese Words}. As the trio performed enthusiastically, they discovered that Jackie Chan had sang along with them the entire song. After they returned to Taiwan, the trio bragged to everyone that: [Jackie Chan is really good singing {Chinese Words}.] .
translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : babyval22 of CEFC and Chinatimes

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

S.H.E had goosebumps watching Olympic Opening Ceremony, Monday August 11, 2008 Taiwan

Watching the Olympics Opening CeremonyS.H.E Had Goosebumps All Night[2008.08.11 Apple Daily]Earlier S.H.E brought Selina’s parents and Ella’s second sister to Beijing and attended the Olympics Opening Ceremony together. They kept exclaiming [This is so astonishing], [That is incredibly spectacular], [I had goosebumps the whole night] as they watched. Even superstar Andy Lau turned into a tourist and kept taking pictures in front of the various Olympics venues.Andy Lau Kept Taking PicturesOn August 8, the day of the Opening Ceremony, S.H.E and their group lined up with others for security checks before entering the building. Because there were too many people wanting to take pictures with them, Selina’s father and Ella’s second sister had to act as personal bodyguards for them. When they arrived to their seats, they found on each seat an “Olympics Blessing Gift Bag” that included a flashlight, a shakedrum, a scarf and Olympic rings, etc. They jumped up and down and sang in their seats, yelling [Satay] when the Singaporean athletes entered the stadium and yelling [German Pork’s Feet] and [Beer] when the German athletes entered the stadium. Because Selina’s father’s birthday was on August 4 and the day of the Olympics Opening Ceremony was on August 8, the purpose of this trip other than to fulfill a filial duty, it was also like a second honeymoon for Selina’s parents.Because Andy Lau performed in the Opening Ceremony, he was honored to be at the [Bird’s Nest]. He arrived early for rehearsal on August 5 and like a tourist, took pictures in front of the [Bird’s Nest] and the National Aquatic Center. With regards to be able to participate in this great ceremony, he said: [It is fairly worthwhile, especially to be able to stand at the scene and watch the entirety of Li Ning running in space to finish the torch lighting ceremony. That was so admirable.]
translated by : wyn0602 of CEFC
credits : CEFC and appledaily

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

S.H.E Playing While Performing in Jakarta, Monday July 4 , 2008 Taiwan

Currently S.H.E were concentrating all their efforts for their new album so that it can be released before the end of the summer holidays. However last Saturday, the trio took a brief break and went to Indonesia to perform in Jakarta. Ella who was recently rumored to be in a new romantic relationship was in a very good mood. She even used the excuse of [Indonesia is very close to Bali] to insist on bringing her swimsuit and played in the water, tried her hands at playing pool and even enthusiastically acted as the professional photographer in recording memorable moments of the performance for her [wives]. It felt as relaxed as if they were on vacation.In southeast Asia, S.H.E are red-hot popular but it was not until last Saturday that the trio came to Jakarta in Indonesia for their first performance. They were passionately supported by the local fans. No matter where they went, there were large groups of [star chasers] following them closely. This limited them to do their sightseeing only within the hotel. However, Ella had always been very energetic. So she with her camera was all over the place to take pictures of her [wives] in keeping with her resolve to become a [blog expert]. No matter where she went, she would take pictures and keep records of the beautiful images of her [wives] before and after the performance.In the hands of Ella, the [professional photographer], not only Hebe changed her hairstyle to a modern yet fashionable short haircut and posed attractively in front of the concert stage prop, Selina also let down her long hair and biting sexily a stem of white rose to portray an adorable flamingo dancer with a come-hither look in her eyes. Even after the performance had ended, the trio continued to sit on the stage with their microphones, sang to themselves without any music accompaniment and played around. This was described by Ella as [wanting to sing even if it is with their last breath]. It looked as if the recent two months of intensive concentrated recording sessions really bored the three of them to the utmost.Looking extremely energetic, Ella’s mood seemed not to be affected by the recent romantic rumors with Baron Chan. Even going to do a performance in Jakarta, she embraced the South Seas ambience with a [purely vacationing] frame of mind. Not only was she dressed incredibly summery in her tank top, short shorts and flip-flops but the water-sports lover that she is even insisted on bringing her swimsuit. She used the 10 minutes of spare time right after the end of rehearsal to go into the water for [heat relief] and left some healthy and refreshing poolside pictures. She laughed happily: “It is summer. Going into the water is a must. Particularly since Jakarta is so close to Bali. I really want to swim.]Last night the trio returned to Taiwan and must continue to work on the final post-production of their new album. They hoped that the new album can be released before the summer holiday ends. However to prevent what had happened to the previous album which was having the song list and music leaked before release and resulted in opportunities for illegal downloads, the content and production information of this album are being kept in high confidentiality. Only the three of them, the song producers and the CEO of HIM had heard the whole album. They are determined that the new music style and new break-through will give all their fans a big surprise.