Thursday, 25 September 2008

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record sales exceed 100,000, Ella to swim bareback, Wednesday September 25, 2008 Taiwan

Swimming in the Buff Trend? Record Sales Exceed 100,000, Ella to Swim BarebackS.H.E exudes their sexiness; Hebe and ELLA were donned in flowing dresses, with only Selina being more conservatively dressed. However the sharp-tongued Selina actually used Ella as a sales record wager by declaring, “If record sales exceed 100,000, she will wear only swimming trunks and go bareback.” Once again, another group of artistes has ride on the trend of swimming in the buff.New album – FM SHE uses webcast as an idea. The trio had dressed “more formally” to publicise their new album and officiate the opening of their web station. It was a rare occasion to see Ella in a floral dress with a deep V-plunging neckline. In addition, her well-endowed figure totally refuted earlier reports of her being “itsy-bitsy”. Meanwhile, Hebe does not wish to be outdone and kept standing up to bend forward and bow in attempt to show her small cleavage. Selina was dressed more sombrely and when teased by media that she was perhaps under strict supervision by her rumoured lawyer boyfriend, she quickly clarified, “If all 3 of us are dressed too sexily, the whole group will look weird.”While their record company has set target for this album to be the year’s champion for record sales, S.H.E was more casual about it. When touted by media to ride on the recent “swimming in the buff” trend, Selina actually said, “Ok, if record sales exceed 100,000, then ask Van Fan Yi Chen to swim in the buff again.” But in the end, everything became distorted and ELLA was asked to swim bareback in swimming trunks. In response, Ella said in style, “I could, but I worry everyone will mistake me as a guy.”Selina wrote the lyrics for a new song “Already Silent” in the album. She explained that the music was composed by Jay Chou upon hearing her love story, however she refused to reveal who the male was. “Go ask Jay, I told him everything. But should he let the cat out, I will definitely tell on him too.” In conjunction with another song, “Wo Ai Fan Nao” (lit transl: I Love Troubles), the trio has made some small losses in their investments recently, and could only console themselves by saying, “If only we had not buy.”At least with Meng Niu concerts to proceed as scheduled, the trio had no troubles in their career. Selina was initially saying, “Most people can usually detoxify by drinking water.” However when the media asked about Meng Niu, the trio acted blur and replied, “Everything is still under investigation, but since products were taken off-shelf, it is inevitable for the atmosphere to be tensed.” Despite they were unable to get any break with the scheduled concerts going as planned, the trio are nonetheless happy to be able to meet up with fans.
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Saturday, 20 September 2008

FM S.H.E Warmly Invites Diva Zhang Hui Mei to be The First Interviewee, Friday September 19, 2008 Taiwan

Four dog lovers can’t stop talking about dogs; Ah Mei helps her dog son to come out of the closet.Yesterday S.H.E started recording for their internet radio ‘FM S.H.E’ which was started because of their album ‘My Station FM S.H.E’, the first ‘mysterious guest’ that they interviewed is diva Zhang Hui Mei (Ah Mei) who is currently leading an isolated life. Ah Mei who is concentrating on her preparations for her Japan concert specially come out for S.H.E, and she even sang a Taiwanese song ‘Jia Hou’ with Selina, Hebe and Ella said happily, “This part of singing have to record down and use it as handphone ringtone.”To invite the guest for interview every week, S.H.E gave many choices for the company to refer to, they said, “The first episode have to invite artistes of kings and queens level, and in Taiwan the diva who has the standing would definitely be Ah Mei.” Ah Mei also has righteousness, not only did she agree to accept S.H.E’s interview, she also prepared bracelets, necklace and earrings as presents. Ah Mei smiled and said, “When I first heard that S.H.E was going to interview me I thought it was for a television program, unexpectedly it’s actually for radio.” S.H.E who usually has a lot to talk about becomes a DJ for the first time. They were so anxious that they kept staring at their scripts and while talking they even screwed up sometimes, Ah Mei couldn’t help smiling secretly when she saw this.Ah Mei who is recently leaving a secretive life, goes for recording everyday, play with dogs and her niece, isolated until her friends wonder if she had vanished into thin air, her manager also feel that she seems to be suffering from autism; hence Ah Mei told S.H.E, “Didn’t accept interviews for so long, the first time is given to you girls.” S.H.E also shouted to fans that miss Ah Mei, “She didn’t disappear! Now she is at our FM S.H.E’s program.”S.H.E who loves to go KTV to sing said, Ah Mei’s songs are always on their list, “Selina even got 92 marks for imitating Ah Mei’s singing and voice change.” Ah Mei on the other hand said she seldom goes to KTV, Ella smiled when she heard this, “Who dare to sing after you started?” However Ah Mei also revealed that once she went to KTV with Jiang Hui and they had a great time, they even sang each other’s song; after hearing it S.H.E said enviously, “Those people present are very lucky! Hearing two divas singing is a pleasure.” However they also asked Ah Mei curiously, “Then did second sister sing your Bad Boy?”Selina who viewed Ah Mei as her idol of course did not let the chance of singing with her slip by when she saw her idol’s arrival. In order to help their good sister fulfil her wish Ella and Hebe hoped that Ah Mei can sing a part of Jiang Hui’s ‘Jia Hou’ with Selina after the KTV question. The generously Ah Mei immediately opened her vocal; Selina also followed happily and fulfilled her wish.Ah Mei and S.H.E are dog lovers; they can’t stop when they started talking about dogs. Ah Mei has two Golden Retriever at home, two Toy Poodle, she even shocked everyone by saying, “The eldest ‘Master Zhang’ recently came out of the closet!” S.H.E got a shock after hearing it, Ah Mei explained, “Among the four dogs, I dote on Master Zhang the most, it has single eyelid, although it’s a boy but its actions and eating style is like a lady, its character is also very gentle, I feel that it should be gay.” S.H.E laughed and said, “So it’s your dog son who came out of the closet.”Ah Mei who is currently preparing for her Japan concert also shared her most frightening singing experience. She remembered that there was once she had an outdoor concert which involve ticket sales at Guangzhou on the eve of typhoon, the weather condition was very bad, “Not only did it rained heavily with thunder, the wind was also so strong that the scene beside the stage had to be taken down. While singing halfway, the instruments one by one had no sound because of electricity trip, the only sound left was my microphone, and hence all the musicians and harmonizers stood in front of the stage and clapped their hands for rhythm. After singing three songs without music I asked everyone to go home quickly to avoid danger.”The one hour interview ended very quickly, S.H.E and Ah Mei had a great time chatting, Selina even invited Ah Mei generously out for singing, however because Ah Mei had to practice for the concert, she had to reject S.H.E’s offer, she can only tell them with regrets, “Next time you girls want to go KTV have to look for me!”
translated by : jastan87 of CEFC
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Saturday, 13 September 2008

S.H.E Celebrated 7th Year Anniversary , Selina Led Everyone to Tears, Friday September 12, 2008 Taiwan

September 11 was the anniversary date for S.H.E. To celebrate with the fans who had been with them throughout their journey, the record company specially chose to hold a birthday party at McDonald’s at 9:11 pm. Other than eating and drinking, the fans were also invited to party overnight so that the special day of 9/11 would become even more memorable.This year was the 7th year since the formation of S.H.E. Today’s activities started off with a children’s version of S.H.E, three little girls who were really seven years old and dressed in similar outfits as S.H.E wore for [Miss Universe], their first release of the new album. When the music started, the three “cute” version of little S.H.E jumped onto the stage and danced the popping moves from the MV. After the performance, the adult version came out to start the celebration. The little S.H.E also presented flowers and kisses to wish S.H.E a happy birthday. The record company presented a birthday cake. Everyone sang happy birthday together, not only for S.H.E but also for the fans whose birthday was 9/11 as well.On this 7th birthday, the trio made their birthday wishes and co-incidentally all three had made the same wish of hoping to get married and start a family soon. This was the first time S.H.E publicly expressed that they wished to get marry. Was it because they all have found their other half? The trio indicated that they have reached a marriageable age therefore they hoped to get marry. When asked about their criteria for their other half, Ella indicated that this person must be considerate (thoughtful), humorous and talented. Earlier Selina admitted that she was introduced (matchmaking) to a lawyer. Were the two really dating? Selina kept the answer to herself and only smiled in response. As for Ella whose relationships were frequently mentioned at her expense lately, when asked whether she would be wary of the next relationship because of the past unsuccessful relationships with someone from showbiz. Ella lightly said: “Oh, ever since my fall last time, I now take each step very carefully” Looked like Ella was truly tired of being used this way.Thinking back to the times during these seven years, the trio each had their own feelings. When speaking of what gave each of them the deepest impression, Ella felt that realizing the dream of giving a large-scale concert was something that left a deep impression. Selina’s graduation ceremony was also memorable. When thinking of the time when she was a student-singer, going to classes and doing performances at the same time, not only was unable to coordinate with the filming schedule but was also a topic of discussion among classmates in school, Hebe and Ella came to sing the school anthem with Selina on graduation day…when thinking back to that time, Selina who was most prone to tears, starting to cry again. The time when Ella was injured from falling a three-storey building was another one that they found unforgettable.The highlight for today was when Selina brought out her secret presents. Moved by the content written on the cards, all three of them sobbed uncontrollably. The most adorable was Selina who made the cards herself. As she was just bringing the cards out and had not even started to read it yet, she started crying already. It turned out that Selina, in order to give a surprise to her two laopos, secretly created the cards and wrote the contents overnight until four in the morning. She printed two copies of a photograph of the three of them together and used them as the cards. On the cards were her memories of their journey throughout the years. She cried as she read. The touching yet humorous writings also caused her two laopos to tear up as well. Selina’s cards even made the staff on hand and all the fans laughed and cried at the same time. The whole birthday event was very successful with both tears and laughter.
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With A View to Kill , Ella Dazzles While Surfing, Wednesday September 10 , 2008 Taiwan

Among SHE, ELLA might have been understated all along for being less dainty than Selina or Hebe. However in a recent new song’s MV, a photo of ELLA leaning forward while surfing sets to change this mindset and revealed that ELLA is actually very well-endowed.In addition to widespread news on ELLA’s breakup that resulted in her crying while recording SHE’s new song – “Highway Exit By The Sea”, ELLA also had many crying scenes in the said MV.It was unknown if ELLA was crying for real while filming the MV, but she was seen crying devastatedly and shouting almost uncontrollably in the MV. Fortunately, other than the break-down scenes, the director also arranged surfing scenes. ELLA donned a tank top with low neckline and shorts, while surfing merrily. As ELLA leaned forward on the surfboard, her alluring figure was instantly revealed and everyone was wide-eyed and pleasantly surprised. So, ELLA is indeed well-endowed.Eddie Peng – Stitches on FootIn addition, the director arranged for Jolin Tsai’s rumoured boyfriend, Eddie Peng Yu Yan, to make a guest appearance in the MV. However the unlucky Peng stepped onto a coral the moment his foot landed into the sea. As a result he had to take an injection to prevent tetanus infection and could only watch ELLA surfing from the shore. Peng was envious when he watched ELLA surfing excitedly.
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Selina Angry Rumours, Revealed Her New Home, Thursday September 11, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E's Selina again has bumped into "Next Magazine" that photographed her with a lawyer friend meeting together, expressed directly that the two have changed to "underground relationship", October S.H.E is pre-celebrating for their online site of Hit FM radio station, Selina clarified she and Zhang Cheng Zhong are friends, but as for Next Magazine revealed her new home, she's angry, directly saying: "Because in the past our home was revealed, we were disturbed by crazy fans, now that I live on my own, my parents will be even more worried of my safety."And yesterday when Ella was entering Hit FM's door, because it's slippery from the rain, fell a step, because the fall was to hard, she couldn't get up because of all the pain, the staff helped her get up, the pant were wet, left elbow was scraped, and she couldn't even lift it up, foolishly looking: "I'm a master athlete, how could I fall that badly!"She and Chen Xi's past relationship was also the main focus at Chen Xi's album release press conference, Ella low keyed says she doesn't want to discuss it, thanks to her best friend Hebe not wanting to see her being used, directly spoke: "Well since economics is not doing well, it doesn't cost anything to consume Ella, of course everyone will consume ah!"