Sunday, 16 December 2007

S.H.E,T.Y.J at Xi Men Ding [鬥牛.要不要]原聲帶簽名會

For a while S.H.E hasn't been together because for the purpose of albums, yesterday along with younger brothers [T.Y.J] (Tank, Lin You Jia and Zhou Ding Wei), were in Ximending doing a sing and signing function, at the event 4000 tickets were passed out, amazing fame. Because of "Bull Fighting's" sound track, SHE and the brothers all met to see the fans, but Ella was dressed like a boy, even the hair is getting shorter and shorter, and purposely said: "I went to cut it again this morning, exactly like the character Leehom played in "Lust Caution" hair cut. Earlier especially to go chase the star Ang Lee, Ella says: "to see if Ang Lee can look me up." Being asked if she like Leehom, busily answering: "It's liking Ang Lee, Aiya, he and Leehom are both handsome guys, like both.""Bull Fighting" main actress Hebe disclosed, lately all friends around are very into the drama, all anxious to know what happens to the relationships. Of course Selina says she wants to organize a "Zi Chung (Lee Wei) Team", often telling Hebe: "Lao Po(wife), you have to choose Zi Chung la." The 3 SHE on stage were analyzing the main actresses relationship world, the younger brothers could only help them hold on the mic.The fans totally filled to the max the red theatre center, the stars on stage fooling around, taking turns wearing the "cow dung cap". Once Ella saw it she immediately put it on, making the crowd burst in laughter, and putting it on Tanks face, Hebe also made Lin You Jia and Zhou Ding Wei must wear the hats while singing and dancing, after playing, and asks the fans in return: "want to see the princess where cow dung?" Selina could only blush on the face and wear the hat to dance.

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I was there dat time...
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