Friday, 10 October 2008

S.H.E Advocates “Girls Ought To Be Strong” by Practising “The Art of Self Defence in Love”, Wednesday October 8, 2008 Taiwan

S.H.E practises “The Art of Self Defence in Love” to fight the conventional societal ideals of beauty. The trio advocates for girls not to be just concerned with looks, but also to be confident and “Girls’ Ought To Be Strong”. In their MV, the trio took on the roles of Love Coaches to listen to the love problems of the girls and encourage them to stand up for themselves. In addition, SHE also extends their invitation to fans to join them for the “S.H.E TOP GIRL New Songs Concert” on 19 October. Please visit for more details.In their latest album FM S.H.E, one of the new songs – “Girls Ought To Be Strong” adapted part of its tune from Wong Fei Hong’s “Men Ought To Be Strong”. The music genre is the line of “Chin-Hop”, a blend of Chinese music and Hip-Hop. The lyrics encouraged girls not to be beaten in Love, and the need to be true to and love themselves; advocating for strong female awareness. A martial arts coach was invited to teach S.H.E “The Art of Self Defence in Love” in preparation for filming of the MV. The 1st stunt is to kick away the Poor Love that broke the hearts of the girls; while the 2nd stunt is to open one’s arms to welcome New Romance. The 3rd stunt is to learn how to Protect and Love oneself while in a relationship. Next, S.H.E imparted these stunts to the rest of the girls trapped in love and encouraged them to be independent and stand up for themselves. There is no need to wait in vain for Prince Charming to appear, but to be proactive to embark on the journey to Protect Love.S.H.E expressed that, “No one is perfect. Hence, do not compromise in love just because you feel inferior. We girls, must be confident of ourselves. If you have loved the wrong person, just get out and move on. Only then will you eventually meet Mr Right!” Meanwhile, “Mdm Xi Bi” who addressed fans’ love problems on air in FM SHE weekly, offered her usual advice to all the girls indecisive in love, “That person is not the only one on Earth, no point wallowing in sorrow over him”.While practising their stunts, S.H.E had fun sparring with each other too. However when the trio donned the hot-trendy-sexy-babe outfit while filming, they had to stifle their laughter as they felt that the clothes were contradictory and out of place with Chinese Kungfu. Subsequently, the trio changed into sportswear to act as Love Coaches and listened to the array of love problems of the girls present. SHE found the love problems beyond their imagination and felt for their heartaches, in the end, they also joined the girls to swear and cry.S.H.E has always been very independent, but occasionally when faced with love problems, they would feel lost too. While recording “Girls Ought To Be Strong” in the studio, Ella suddenly saw a fleeting shadow behind the recording producer and was scared stiff. She was stunned momentarily before she “escaped” from the studio. Pale-faced and with a quiver in her voice, she asked the recording producer, “Did you see anything just now?” Ella has never met with any strange encounters in the company’s recording studio prior to this; but once she composed herself after the incident, she was inspired and felt even more for the song. Therefore she took the initiative to suggest different ideas to the producer to enrich the singing parts of the song. In the past, Ella would be in-charge of the Rap parts in SHE’s songs. However upon Ella, Selina and Hebe’s discussion, they decided to do the Rap together to bring out the impact of the song to encourage girls to stand up for themselves in Love. As a result, the effect was indeed very good. The trio felt that they are actually cheering for, and encouraging themselves to be brave in love too, when singing this song.For most time in the past year, S.H.E had held concerts overseas. Hence on 19 October, to the delight of many fans in Taiwan, S.H.E will hold the “S.H.E TOP GIRL New Songs Concert” in Selina’s school. SHE reveals that other than performing the new songs from “FM SHE”, they will also be showing off their new dance steps.
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