Tuesday, 28 October 2008

S.H.E teaches The Secret of "Chasing Women", Sunday October 26 , 2008 Taiwan

Yesterday, S.H.E, bringing their newest album [FM S.H.E], arrived in Beijing. During their exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment, the three discussed what they considered a good man: considerate, generous, talented, responsible, worship-worthy…amidst the conversation, Hebe even mentioned that Jay Chou had composed one of the songs in the album. In comparison to the flurry of romantic rumors previously, she seemed to be very open about it.Jay Chou Contribution for the New AlbumNo Fear of Romantic Rumors from HebeIn their exclusive interview with Sohu Entertainment, S.H.E who was working hard to promote their new album, openly revealed that one of the songs in the album “Silence” was composed by Hebe’s rumored boyfriend Jay Chou. This was not the first time Jay collaborated with them. The earlier romantic rumor was also started with Hebe collaborating with him on his MV “Going Backward”. This time with him helping out again, the female lead in this romantic rumor, Hebe, profusely praised the song written by Jay Chou as being very good, without any hints of intentionally dodging the issue. Her open attitude was as if the romantic rumor had never happened.S.H.E Reveals Their Standards for an Ideal ManTeaches the Secret of Chasing WomenWhen asked as their standards for an ideal man, the three each had their own ideas: For Selina, an ideal man must be honest and responsible; Ella’s ideal man must be comfortable and easy to get along; only Hebe’s standard for an ideal man was more special – “He must be have some type of specialty that can make me worship him.” There seemed to be a wealth of meaning between the lines.There were also men that S.H.E particularly disliked, such as men that are “petty, disagreeable…” and other similar characteristics. At the same time, they also revealed to all men their close-kept secret of “chasing women”: [If she says “I love you” 1000 times to you, then you have to say “I love you” back 1001 times. Afterwards hug her and kiss her. Then everything will be OK.
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